Top 5 Realistic Tactical Shooters to Play on PS4 in 2022

Top Tactical Shooters Still Available on PS4 in 2022

Chip shortages exacerbated by logistical woe caused by the global pandemic mean it’s still tricky to get your hands on a current-gen console. But there are still some great tactical shooters for PS4 players to enjoy in 2022, and we’ve concisely reviewed, in no particular order, a quintet of the leading contenders.

5 Realistic Tactical Shooters to Play on PS4 in 2022

Insurgency: Sandstorm

A sequel to the 2014 original, Insurgency: Sandstorm came out pretty recently for the PS4 (September 2021). Unlike many shooters, there’s no single-player campaign, it’s all multiplayer action. Co-op is enabled both locally and online. There’s a more realistic flavor to this game compared to many other shooters. Cover is definitely not an optional extra but an integral part of gameplay, which is no surprise when a single bullet can take someone out (doing for shooters what Bushido Blade did for sword fighting a few generations ago).

There’s a level of detail running through the game, from the spray of blood to the weaponry, which is impressive. On that note, watch out for recoil or you’ll end up shooting at the sky. And that would be a waste of valuable ammunition, which most certainly does not grow on trees. Maps are designed to offer numerous approaches and styles. It’s a great FPS for those after a more realistic and immersive experience, particularly if you’ve got a good crew of friends with whom to play.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

There’s no shortage of CoD games from which to pick, and one you might want to consider is Modern Warfare. The story campaign is entirely new, as this is a reboot rather than a remake or sequel, and is so-so rather than being the kind of tale that will grab you (as is common for shooters). Gameplay is where this entry in the enormo-franchise of CoD really shines, and while the story is a little basic the missions that fill the single-player mode are all fun, creative, and provide some of the most entertaining moments in the series.

Multiplayer and co-op are both on the gaming menu too, and come with some new modes to keep things fresh. For intense battles, pick the Gunfight option which pits pairs of duos against one another on very small maps. Killstreaks also make a welcome return. Gunplay still feels excellent, and one weird but cool improvement is how doors are handled. Because you can burst through like the Hulk, or be sneaky and quiet about it. The main draw is the excellent missions in the single-player, with good multiplayer gameplay (co-op could be better, though).

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Plenty of FPS series have impressive staying power, and one that’s been around a while is the Ghost Recon series. For the PS4, Wildlands is a solid option for shooter fans. The player once again finds themselves in a land ravaged by war, with plenty of guns, and plenty of bad guys desperately in need of a bullet sandwich. South America (with some liberties taken) is the location of the game, and, alongside an array of the usual weapons, vehicles such as helicopters help to liven up the gameplay.

A cocaine cartel kingpin is the focus from the start, and it’s your job to defeat El Sueño. Naturally, this involves pumping a river of lead into countless cartel goons. But if shooting your way to bloody victory is what’s required, then that’s what must be done.

There’s an open world that dovetails nicely with the open-ended approach to completing missions. You can be a sneaky type, using stealth and a sniper rifle to achieve your ends without contravening local bylaws on noise pollution, or break out the heavy gear and announce your arrival with explosions and a hail of bullets. Playing with friends is recommended, but otherwise, you get 3 AI companions to help you out. You can also customize your kit to suit your preferences, and XP paves the way to gameplay-oriented upgrades. There can be occasional glitches, but between an enormous map and great freedom of gameplay styles, it’s still well worth checking out.

Rainbow Six Siege

This game did not launch smoothly when it first came out, due to an unhealthy cocktail of technical glitches and a release window that put it up against stiff competition (such as Call of Duty Black Ops 3). However, a lot of time has passed, and this has been used to iron out many of the wrinkles and make Rainbow Six Siege one of the top PS4 shooters around. Ubisoft was patient and committed, and this has paid dividends. The format of having two squads of five players in best of five competitions has proved a winning formula. Victory is achieved when all the objectives are done (or you can just kill everyone else on the other side, of course).

These competitions come in differing modes, namely Secure Area, Hostage and Bomb Defusal. Common to all is a small amount (less than a minute) of prep time to get yourselves ready for action, whether doing recon with drones or planting traps. Map design is intelligent and means there are numerous ways to try and complete objectives, keeping both sides on their toes. Another realistic feature that keeps players guessing is that walls and floors can be shot through. It’s very much a game that rewards playing smartly, and provides an intense and replayable experience.

Sniper Elite 4

We end with something a bit different, as Sniper Elite 4 whisks the player away to Italy for long-range cranium penetration. Everyone’s favorite villains, the Nazis, are there to be shot, but if you hang around in one place too long then even Jerry will be able to work out where you are. The most obvious tactic is to flit from one perch to another, picking off the bad guys and keeping them guessing. But it’s not the only avenue open to players, who can deliberately entice enemies to try and find them, only to run into traps along the way. Cunning level design also means there are multiple valid routes to accomplish objectives (many of which are optional extras).

Sniping is, of course, the main method for lethality, and if you up the difficulty then physics becomes more of a consideration. There are also plenty of collectibles and multiplayer in both co-operative and competitive formats.

The PS4 has been around for a little while now but still has great games, including the five excellent shooters outlined above.

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