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Tokina 25-75mm T2.9 Cinema Zoom Lens for PL, Canon EF, MFT, Sony E, and Nikon F Mount

Tokina has announced the launch of its new 25-75mm T2.9, a parfocal lens that the company calls “the pinnacle of modern video zoom lens design.” The new lens weighs 2kg, is 174mm long (PL mount), and has a 95mm front diameter.

Tokina 25-75mm T2.9 Cinema Zoom lens

Tokina 25-75mm T2.9 consists of 18 elements in 15 groups, has a 9-blade aperture range from T2.9 to T22, and a minimum focusing distance of 74cm. The resulting image circle with a diameter of 36mm is designed to cover Super 35 sensors. but will also work with larger sensors in crop mode.

The new lens is a small size ground-up true cinema design featuring a compact 174mm overall length, industry-standard 0.8 MOD cinema gears, T2.9 iris, 86mm filter thread, and 95mm front diameter for common cinema accessories.

The new Tokina lens is designed to cover super35+ type sensors up to a 36mm image circle size. The larger 36mm image circle enables native coverage of RED Helium 8K, RED Dragon 6K, RED Monstro 6K, Alexa LF in 4K UHD, as well as popular cinema and mirrorless cameras from Canon, Blackmagic Design, and Panasonic in 4K DCI or 4K UHD.

When paired with the Tokina Cinema 1.6x Expander for PL or EF mount versions, the lens becomes a compact size 40-120mm T4.2 that covers Full Frame and Vista Vision 6K and 8K size sensors. The lens features an interchangeable mount between PL, EF, Sony E, MFT, and Nikon F mounts.

Price and availability

The Tokina 25-75mm T2.9 Cinema lens is available for pre-order from today on for Canon EF, PL, Sony E, and MFT mount systems for $4,999.

Tokina 25-75mm T2.9 Specifications

Tokina 25-75mm T2.9 Cinema Zoom lens
  • Mount: PL / Canon EF / MFT / Sony E / Nikon F
  • Focal Distance: 25-75mm
  • T-Stop: T2.9 – T22
  • Zoom Ratio: 3.0:1
  • Opticle Structure: 15 groups / 18 elements
  • Image Circle: 36.0m
  • Minimum focus distance: 0.74m (2.43ft)
  • Maximum Macro Magnification: 1:7.89
  • Focus Mode: Manual
  • Aperture Blades: 9
  • Filter size: M86 P=1.0
  • Front filter: 95mm
  • Overall length: 173.5mm (PL) / 173.4mm (Canon EF) / 196.9mm (MFT) / 199.1mm (Sony E) / 173.4mm (Nikon F)

Earlier this year, Tokina has introduced the new 65mm T1.5 Cinema Vista Prime lens for ARRI PL, Canon EF, MFT, and Sony E mount. The lens supports an 8K resolution, can focus from a distance of 27 cm for high-detail shots, and is priced at $7,499.

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