Thrustmaster unveils T248 Racing Steering Wheel with Force Feedback

Thrustmaster has announced the new T248 hybrid racing steering wheel with Pedal Assembly: a Thrustmaster T248 kit designed for users with a passion for racing simulators.

Thrustmaster T248 racing steering whee

A feature of the new Thrustmaster wheel is the Force Feedback system with three operating profiles: FFB 1, FFB 2, and FFB 3. It is compatible with all games and modifiable on the fly directly on the wheel. FFB 1: Force Feedback 100% proportional to the force requested by the game. FFB 2: enhanced Force Feedback, for better skid control. FFB 3: boosted Force Feedback, allowing users to feel all racing effects from the track (curbs, skidding off-track, etc.).

The game controls are located on the Thrustmaster steering wheel. In addition, there is a small display for displaying telemetry and useful information. Magnetic paddle shifters are responsible for fast gear changes. The T3PM pedal set offers four settings for maximum control comfort.

Thrust master wheel has 2 dual-position encoders (up and down) located on the ends of the wheel’s central spokes, T248 features nearly twice as many action buttons as previous Thrustmaster racing wheels (T150 series). There is an extensive range of physical and virtual buttons that allows users to always have plenty of choices when it comes to assigning racing controls, in any type of game.

Thanks to H.E.A.R.T magnetic technology, Thrustmaster pedals shifters allow for super-fast gear shifting, with a clear and precise activation feel (30 ms response time) to avoid driving errors. This Thrustmaster technology is based on a contactless system of magnets without any friction, also allows for an unprecedented product lifespan over the long term — even with the most intense gaming sessions.

Thrustmaster T248 price and availability

The new Thrustmaster T248 hybrid racing steering wheel with the pedal is already available for pre-order via at an estimated price of $399.99, and shipping is planned for the 21st of October 2021.

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