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The Most Comprehensive Avast Premier Antivirus Review

Avast is rated as one of the most prominent and free third-party antivirus programs around the world.

Avast Premier Antivirus Review

However, there are more advanced features for those willing to pay as Avast’s premium products have got so much to offer. This article will be giving a detailed review of the Avast premier antivirus.

Let’s Talk About TheAvast Premier

The Avast premier antivirus practically comes with exciting features that every user would love to make use of. There are so many fascinating packages that come with this antivirus.

The first is the data shredder that deletes files. The files are deleted by automatically overwriting them for them to be unrecoverable.

The second is the software updater. As the name implies, it swiftly updates third-party programs, utilities on a system, and plugins.

While these two features are great, however, users can make use of free programs to operate the same functions such as the FileHippo Application Manager. It tracks and quickly updates programs.

Nonetheless, even with being packed up with various features, Avast premier antivirus has managed not to leave users overwhelmed with any issue of a messy and hard to operate interface.

The program makes use of an interface with a standard structure and consists of a left rail that has a pop-out menu and a screen that showcases the settings as well as the primary interface for each of the features.

It also makes use of color to aid in conveying vital data. For instance, the primary background is bluish gray while the active area in the left rail is highlighted with purple.

The Avast premier antivirus has four major categories. They include;

  • Protection
  • Status
  • Performance and;
  • Privacy

For the status section, it is quite easy as it makes do with a primary check mark that is green whenever everything is fine. The primary interface has a distinct button to perform a fast scan for viruses.

From this section, users can get straight up links to the Avast catalog of iOS and Android apps.

Protection Option Of Avast

The protection option is where users can safely perform antivirus scans and get easy access to rosters of other security protection features.

There is a rescue disk that puts an Avast antivirus version in a CD or a USB to effectively scan and safely remove dangerous malware. Other things to find include;

  • Wi-Fi inspector
  • Ransomware Shield
  • Real site phishing protection
  • Avast firewall setting
  • Software updater, etc.

However, also included is a sandbox that has been placed to wall off suspicious files from the other parts of the system.

Privacy Option Of Avast

This section consists of Avast’s in-built password manager, sensitive data shield, and of course the data shredder. It aids in probing the system for essential files and adding additional tracking and security to the files to protect them against malware.

Performance Option Of Avast

This performance section has just two main features. The first feature is the cleanup, and it is the same as programs such as Cleaner.

Cleanup scans your system for additional files, caches that can be cleared and temporary folders.

The second feature is the Avast gaming mode that swiftly detects whenever a user is playing a game, and it forces both windows and Avast to decrease the resource footprint. That will allow users to play a game unencumbered.

Bottom Line

Generally, Avast premier is a well-structured program that comprises of diverse types of additional features that will easily appeal to users that are security conscious and searching for more than antivirus protection.

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