Teclast and Cube Tablets at $19.99, and Other Deals at GearBest Tablets Sale

The GearBest Super Tablets Sale already started on April 17, where the store is providing deals and discounts on 2-in-1 tablets, laptops, desktop PCs and accessories on the GearBest.com site. In addition, the giant e-commerce store has limited time flash sale, where the popular Teclast and Cube branded 2 in 1 tablets PCs can be purchased for just $19.99. Several keyboard and stylus pen accessories are also up for grabs on the GearBest Super Tablets sale.

GearBest Tablets Sale

GearBest $19.99 Flash sale:

First up, GearBest will host a $19.99 flash sale to let users buy the Teclast X3 Plus, Teclast Tbook 16, Cube Mix Plus and Cube iwork1x 2 in 1 Tablet PCs for just that much. This $19.99 flash sale will begin at 9:00 UTC every day. The Cube iwork 1x and Teclast Tbook 16 Power will be up for grabs on the store at April 18, and 19. Where the two Cube Mix Plus tablets will be available on 20th April. Also, Teclast X3 Plus and Cube Mix Plus will be a sale on 21st April and you can grab the two Teclast X3 Plus 2 in 1 tablets at $19.99 on last 22nd April 2017.

GearBest Super Tablets Sale Deals:

The one-week Super tablets sale will also make the buy one get one free offer on the Jumper EZpad 6 M6 Tablet PC with free Jumper EZpad 6 M6 Keyboard Case and CHUWI Hi10 Plus Tablet PC with Chuwi VI10 Plus / HI10 Plus Keyboard Case available for $167 and $233 respectively.

Teclast X80 Pro, Cube iWork8 Air, Cube WP10 and Great Wall L782 will be up for grabs at $79.99 and $99.99 respectively on the GearBest.com website. GearBest is offering 30% off on the Lenovo Ideapad S41 – 35 (priced at $476.76), Chuwi HI10 Plus Tablet PC at $159.99, Onda oBook10 Pro Tablet PC at $192.24 and Teclast X2 Pro Ultrabook at $301.30.

It is offering 28% off on the purchase of the Voyo VBook V3 Ultrabook, Cube Talk 11 3G Phablet, Cube iwork12 2 in 1 Tablet PC, DEEQ A156 4G 500G Notebook, Lenovo Ideapad Air 12 Notebook, Cube i7, and CHUWI VI10 PLUS Tablet PCs.

Interestingly, GearBest is also promoting Top Mobile Phones Clearance Sale to get up to 60% discount on selected smartphones, smart watches and accessories.

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