Techart TZE-01: World’s first Autofocus Adapter helps Sony E Lenses work well on Nikon Z

Techart has officially announced to be sold its first Sony E – Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter, which can help Sony E lenses to focus precisely on Nikon Z-mount camera line. Thus, this Techart TZE-01 is still the first in the world to be able to help Sony E-mount lenses to work well Nikon Z camera bodies.

It has AF autofocus, automatic metering, other functions such as eye focus and face detection or even vibration resistance can still work well and according to Techart, it can be equivalent, not lose like when attaching a Sony E lens to Sony body. Techart is a manufacturer of photographic accessories from China, which is well known for its mount that helps Sony users to mount Leica MF lenses and have the ability to autofocus before.

This Techart TZE-01 Autofocus Adapter is shared by Techart, which is difficult to design initially because the Nikon Z mount’s flange distance is very small, 2mm shorter compared to Sony’s E and it is also a good point for them. Took advantage of that 2mm difference to develop an ultra-thin mount to help connect Sony E mount lenses to the Nikon Z body. Techart designed TZE-01 with an integrated small chipboard, the internal CPU with the electrical contact pin on both ends is sandwiched between the metal mount bracket, each side is compatible with each Sony E and Nikon Z mount, this makes the mountable to transfer signals, Sony’s operation protocol for Nikon so that it can understand AF autofocus, auto-adjust and auto-control functions, as well as vibration, can work well.

Other functions such as AF-S, AF-C, and MF focusing, as well as the ability to focus on eyes and face, EXIF ​​information, including fast-phase focusing, can still work well on the Nikon Z body. The Techart TZE-01 can still update the firmware via its USB dock to be able to receive many other brands’ lenses as well as improve compatibility when operating. Currently, only the Samyang or Rokinon AF lenses are still incompatible when using this mount. Hopefully, Techart will provide a new firmware update that will make these lenses compatible with the Nikon Z mounts.

Price and Availability

The Techart TZE-01 is sold for $249 and has begun to be delivered to the first customers when they were pre-booked via Amazon and Bhphtovideo stores, starting on June 24, 2019.

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