Tamagotchi Pet is Back in USA To Celebrate its 20th Anniversary

In 1997 Namco Bandai had launched the first Tamagotchi Pet, a portable mini video game designed by Aki Maita. Now comes back to USA to celebrate its 20th anniversary of when Tamagotchi toys first launched in the US. It is already available for pre-order in various North American retailers, while the release is set for November 5 at the price of about $15.

Tamagotchi games
Tamagotchi is egg-shaped digital pocket pet toy that kids constantly taken care of. The goal was to make it grow and live as long as possible, giving it food, curing it of illness, cleaning it, educating it, sending it to sleep and playing, keeping all the vital parameters of the weird being well monitored.

The Tamagotchi in a short time has become a mass phenomenon: a true “Must Have” and, for the joy of all fans, the famous portable game is about to come back. To pay homage to fans, the mini Tamagotchi will also feature the iconic packaging design of the original Tamagotchi device.

Tamagotchi Pet
The new version of the famous game will retain all the features of the original Tamagotchi Pet and therefore, will be available in the six traditional colors and features the classic small LCD screen with three buttons that are useful for interacting with the little pet. The only differences will be in weight and size, as the new model will be lighter and smaller.


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