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Zoom Am7: Android Stereo Microphone for Audio and Video Recordings

With the iQ6 and iQ7, Zoom has been offering microphones for iOS devices for a long time, now the product portfolio is being expanded to include the Am7 developed for Android. This should equip you for high-quality stereo recordings on the go, the stereo microphone is also good for video recordings and selfies. The Zoom Am7 microphone transforms your cell …

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Zoom Unveils the New PodTrak P8 Podcast Studio for all Podcasters

With the PodTrak P8, Zoom introduces the ultimate all-in-one podcast studio for all podcasters, according to the manufacturer. The podcast recorder has a lot of features on board for podcasts or live streams. Thanks to battery operation, nothing stands in the way of mobile use. The colored touchscreen, which allows app-like operation and facilitates the internal trimming, cutting, or threading of audio …

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Zoom V3 Vocal Processor: Portable Vocal FX for Stage and Home Studio

There’s not much going live at the moment, but an effect like the new Zoom V3 Vocal Processor also makes sense off the stage. A vocal effect that is immediately ready for use also gets the podcast or the livestream from the home studio. And because the device can also be operated with batteries, you can even do it on …

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Zoom H8 Audio Recorders with USB Audio Interface, Color Touchscreen

With 12 simultaneously usable recording tracks, interchangeable microphone capsules, and app-based touchscreen operation, the Zoom H8 audio recorders with USB audio interface should meet all requirements for professional sound recordings. The H8 has a color touchscreen display with three app-driven modes that provide the appropriate functions for the respective project. The Podcast app makes it easy to create high-quality productions. …

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Zoom G11 Multi-Effect Processor Amplifier for Guitarists

Zoom has introduced the new G11 multi-effect processor for guitarists, in which more than 30 years of engineering and passion should manifest themselves in a perfect combination. It is said to represent Zoom’s most advanced multi-effects guitar processor to date and enable an infinite number of sound combinations. The new “ZOOM Original” amplifier models offer a completely new range of …

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