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QCY QY31 Review: Sports Bluetooth Earphones

QCY QY31 Wireless Earphones

QCY, a China-based company, recently launched a pair of budget Bluetooth earphones called the QY31. Although it isn’t a new name in wireless earphones segment, the company has been selling budget wireless headphones and Bluetooth earbuds for a while now through online channels. The QY31 is designed for active use, which would typically include gyming, running, or any sort of …

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QCY QY31 Wireless Earphones With 10mm Driver, IPX4, and 8 Hours Battery life

qcy qy31 wireless earphones

After a quite long gap, QCY has announced the new Bluetooth Earphones called QCY QY31 which is designed for sports and activities and it comes in Black color only. The QCY QY31 Wireless Earphones features multi-functional buttons for everything from volume up/down; play or pause music to change tracks or answering all your calls. It supports USB 2.0 and comes …

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QCY Q29 Wireless Earbuds will be perfect for your iPhone 7

If you don’t mind paying a big premium, you can head to the Amazon store and buy a pair of AirPods now. Of course, if you’re not rich, you’ll have to order them on Apple’s website and wait so long for them to be delivered, or you can keep checking your local stores and cross your fingers.  You can either …

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QCY J05 Bluetooth Headset with Spare Charging Box, Priced at $24

If you’re looking for an affordable Bluetooth headset, first is the price will be reasonable, and the second is the reliable headsets with some show off brand value. Today we talk about the newly launched QCY J05 Bluetooth headset from a little company called QCY, priced at $23.99 available on Amazon.com; a new name which quite famous for its wireless …

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QCY QY12 Wireless Sports Headphones, IPX4, Magnetic tip, Priced at $30

If you use a smartphone for music, and you’ll likely be dissatisfied with the performance of the bundled pair. Here we come with a QCY, a small Chinese audiophile has been winning the approval of headphone enthusiasts the world over. Yesterday we talked about the QY8, and today we have QCY QY12 Wireless Headphones were considered among the best in-ears …

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QCY QY8: In Ear Wireless Headset On a Budget

Most of us, the headset that comes bundled with our smartphones is good, but visit any online store and the number of headsets and earphones that come in a rapid variety, proves people want something better. Today we have the QCY QY8 Wireless headset is available for just $15.99 on Amazon.com in White and Black color options.  This QCY Headphones …

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QCY Q26 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Headset, Priced at $7.55

QCY, the Chinese audio company unveiled a Mini Wireless Bluetooth headset dubbed QCY Q26, priced at only $7.55 for White and $10.99 USD for Black color variants. The QY26 is now selling on Amazon.com in USA. QCY stressed that the new Bluetooth-enabled In-ear Wireless headset is ideal for usage during driving or sports activities, so it could be a good …

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QCY QY19 Noise-Cancelling Headphones with IPX4, Priced at $28

QCY is a relatively new company, which bringing a good personal audio products to the users at affordable prices. The company produces a wide range of affordable products, including the QY7, QY8 and QCY QY11 headphones, and now QCY has launched the QY19 in-ear noise cancelling headphones, priced at $28, that offer budget buyers a good option for their personal …

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