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ViewSonic M2W Portable projector with 1700 LED lumens

A new mini LED projector called M2W comes from ViewSonic. The light source promises a maximum of 1700 LED lumens and should have a service life of 30,000 hours. The native resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels (WXGA), the color depth is 10 bits, the contrast ratio is 3,000,000:1, and the Rec. 709 coverage is 125 percent. Diagonals from 24 …

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Philips GoPix 1 Pocket Projector wins two Awards

The Philips GoPix 1, a portable projector, won iF Design and Red Dot awards. The mobile projector can produce images up to 75 inches wide diagonally and has a built-in speaker. You can connect to the mini projector via mini HDMI and USB-C, and its battery can last up to 2 hours between charges. The Philips GoPix 1 pocket projector …

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Acer XD1520i Compact Projector with FHD, DLP, and More

Acer introduced the XD1520i 1080p projector. This portable projector model takes up no more space on the desk than a sheet of writing paper. More precisely, the dimensions of the DLP projector are 297 x 200 x 70 mm, and the weight is 2.1 kg. The resolution of the USB projector is Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), and the …

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LG CineBeam PH30N Mobile Projector Weighs 0.5KG, Display 100-inch Image

LG has introduced a new mobile projector in its CineBeam line called PH30N. This weighs only half a kilogram and creates an image with a diagonal of up to 100 inches and a resolution of 720p. If you are looking for a new mobile projector, you might find it at LG. The South Korean manufacturer recently launched the LG PH30N …

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Vivitek Qumi Q38 Full HD Portable Projector with Android 6.0 Announced

Vivitek Qumi Q38

The Vivitek has announced the availability of the Qumi Q38 FullHD WiFi Portable Projector. The core of the product consists of a 0.33-inch DMD with Full HD resolution. The Q38 is a model designed to accompany the user in various situations. The dimensions are 188 x 118 x 34 mm with a weight of 746 grams. Inside it, there is …

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Three New Kodak Portable Projectors Launched: Price and Availability

Kodak Pocket Wireless Pico Projector

Kodak announced the three new portable projectors including Pocket Portable Projector, Pocket Pico Projector, and Pocket Wireless Pico Projector. All three Kodak portable projectors are designed to be used in mobility, so you can make presentations or in any case to view images on any type of surface. At the base of all three portable projectors is the DLP technology …

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LG shows MiniBeam PH30JG Mini LED Projector in Video

LG PH30JG LED projector

LG shows the MiniBeam portable projector, PH30JG model in the video. The product has extremely compact dimensions: 85.5 x 146.9 x 36.5 mm with a weight of just under 500 grams. The DLP technology used with a (1280 x 720 pixels) resolution. The LED light source guarantees a flow of 250 lumens and ensures a duration of 30,000 hours. LG …

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Dashbon Flicks Portable speaker cum Projector, Priced at $599

If you’re going out with friends for a picnic or meetings, and want to have the device to listen music, watch movies or slide show presentations, but do not want more cords or connectors, and speakers. Here is your answer, the Dashbon Flicks is a portable Bluetooth speaker with projector and very convenient to carry and use.  We can divide …

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Sony Portable Projector for Playstation 4 unveiled

Now user can play Playstation 4 games without having TV, because Sony has recently launched the Portable projector with latest laser technology. This is a new accessory for the PS4, but the official release date and price of this product are still unknown. The Sony mobile projector has a very compact design; can project up to 120-inch screen size from …

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