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Tascam launches Mixcast 4 Podcast Recording Studio

With Mixcast 4, Tascam launches its version of a podcast recording studio. With a mixer for four microphones and other signals, pads for music and sound effects, an integrated multitrack podcast recorder, and a USB interface, Mixcast 4 should offer a complete solution for professional podcasting. The right software for editing and finishing the podcast on the computer is also …

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Zoom Unveils the New PodTrak P8 Podcast Studio for all Podcasters

With the PodTrak P8, Zoom introduces the ultimate all-in-one podcast studio for all podcasters, according to the manufacturer. The podcast recorder has a lot of features on board for podcasts or live streams. Thanks to battery operation, nothing stands in the way of mobile use. The colored touchscreen, which allows app-like operation and facilitates the internal trimming, cutting, or threading of audio …

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