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Kingdom Hearts III: New Video Brings Sora to the Rapunzel World

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III is shown in a new video set in the world of Rapunzel on the occasion of the Lucca Comics & Games convention, the Disney’s animated film was released in 2010. The new trailer titled “Tangled World” then brings Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy in the colorful Kingdom of Corona when Rapunzel leaves his isolated tower with the …

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VR Headset for PC and PS4: Which one to Buy

Gold Wireless Headset PSVR

We increasingly hear about virtual reality and VR-ready devices, but in practice what do we mean? Basically, it is a simulated reality in which we can dive using appropriate tools. Among these, we find the VR headset, equipped with a screen and sensors that make our reality altered. In this guide, we will see what VR Headset for PC and …

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Gold Wireless Headset With Mic for PS4 and PSVR Announced

Gold Wireless Headset PS4

Sony introduced the new Gold Wireless Headset with microphone specifically designed for PlayStation 4 and Playstation VR. The new wireless headphones offer all the features found in the stereo wireless headphones with microphone 2.0 but provides better comfort, higher performance, and hidden multi-position microphones with support for noise cancellation. A decidedly elegant design and over-ear pads to make the headphones …

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Game Awards 2017: All Gaming Titles Announced at the Event

Game Awards 2017

Whoever is following the gaming world knows about the Game Awards 2017 event – often treated as the gaming Oscar – has promised to beat the record for announcing new titles during the ceremony. And that’s exactly happened! See all new Gaming titles announced at the Game Awards 2017 festival: World War Z (PS4 / XB1 / PC) Based on …

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PlayStation VR Skyrim Bundle With Skyrim VR, Priced at $449.99

PlayStation VR Skyrim Bundle

Sony has officially announced the new PlayStation VR Skyrim Bundle today, Sony-designed Virtual Reality Headset available on the market for over a year. Specifically, Sony and Bethesda have collaborated to create a dedicated PlayStation VR Skyrim Bundle to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR. The bundle will include Virtual Reality Headset, PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers, Skyrim VR and …

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PlayStation 4: Arriving Patch to Fix E-801809A8 Error

Playstation 4 Firmware 5

The upgrade that brought the PlayStation 4 to firmware version 5.00 was released about a week ago, has caused some problems and some users have reported on the various forums that there is an error with the E-801809A8 code. Basically, it prevents you downloading and installing the new system update properly. The causes of the problem are not yet clear, …

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Voltron VR Chronicles for PlayStation VR Official | Video Trailer

DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles for PlayStation VR

After introducing PlayStation VR Camera Bundle at just $399, as well as Sony also promised new gaming titles for the PlayStation VR, and now Sony announced the DreamWorks’ Voltron VR Chronicles game, an adventure inspired by the Dreamworks Voltron series: Legendary Defender. Digital Domain said that it is a “cinematic, episodic virtual reality experience,” and the title will launch on …

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PlayStation VR Bundle Price Slashed, Camera With Game Bundle Unveiled

PlayStation VR Bundle

Sony has introduced a new PlayStation VR bundle in the USA and given the Camera bundle a price cut to encourage new purchases, which can be availed from Amazon.com starting from today. The new bundle consists of the PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation Camera for $399.99. Sony says that makes the PS Camera a free add-on, given the PS VR …

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Plantronics RIG 4VR VR Gaming Headset for Playstation VR

Headsets maker Plantronics recently announced ‘RIG 4VR’ VR gaming headset, targeted at PlayStation VR enthusiasts, and said it is a complete audio solution for PS4 gamers, with interchangeable cables for use with PlayStation VR and the PlayStation 4 wireless controllers. The Plantronics RIG 4VR price in USA about $69.99, and it can be purchased via BesBuy and Amazon online stores. …

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Sony announced new HDD Back cover, DualShock 4 and PlayStation VR at Tokyo Game Show

Sony recently held a press conference in Tokyo Game Show and have a lot of new information such as PS4 Console will receive a discounts, add colorful accessories like hard drive HDD back cover to decorate the device, new colorful DualShock 4 and more important as the Sony’s virtual reality glasses (previously called Project Morpheus) now officially named – PlayStation …

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