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Pentax Full Frame Camera Launch postponed to 2016

A very first New Pentax Full Frame DSLR camera will not appear this year as it has ever confirmed. The Pentax on its website, announced that it would shift the release date of the Pentax Full Frame camera in 2016. Earlier, the company said the camera will be launched in late November and expected selling price of the device around $1500 …

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Pentax Camera with the Sony Fullframe sensor?: Rumor

According to the latest Pentax Full Frame Rumors, the upcoming Pentax Camera Models uses Sony 36-megapixel Fullframe sensor. That’s sensors have been used in the Nikon DSLR or Sony A7r camera. A New Pentax Full Frame DSLR Camera will be equipped with pixel shift technology to create images with higher resolution, this technology was first used in Pentax K-3 II camera. …

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