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Pebble Time Smart meter with Multi-color e-paper display, microphone and battery life up to 7 days

Today Pebble officially launched their latest product called Pebble Time. This is still a smart meter, but compared to the previous generation Pebbles Smart Watch, the biggest improvements are in color e-paper display with 64 colors, not black and white display anymore. Pebble manufacturer says that compared to LCD or OLED technology, Pebble Time consume very low power, so its …

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Pebble SmartWatch is ready to launch their third generation SmartWatch

Apple Watch is preparing to hit the market, and the Pebble SmartWatch is also ready to launch new models in order to increase the competition in SmartWatch market. The Pebble SmartWatch was so successful with two versions of smart watches, especially with Pebble Steel Smart Watch. The Pebble Smartwatch features very sharp display and the latest technology from Gorilla Glass …

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