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Yamaha R-N303D HiFi Amplifier With MusicCAST and DAB+

Yamaha HiFi Amplifier with MusicCAST

The Yamaha amplifier’s range has been updated with a new model called R-N303D. This HiFi amplifier is intended to be placed on a lower band with respect to R-N803D, whilst retaining the basic functions but with some substantial differences. The construction of the Yamaha R-N303D is simpler, so there are lacks of the “ToP-ART” technology. However, its low-impedance design minimizes …

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Yamaha R-N803D Stereo Amplifier with MusicCast, WiFi, and Bluetooth

Yamaha R-N803D

Yamaha has announced the R-N803D stereo amplifier. The new Hi-Fi system is fully compatible with the MusicCAST and can also be streamed to MusicCast devices in multiple rooms. The design of the Yamaha R-N803D Hi-Fi amplifier uses the philosophy that Yamaha identifies as “ToP-ART” (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology). Specifically, it speaks about the integrity of the audio by combining …

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