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ddHiFi Janus Review: Unique In-Ear Monitor for Soft Music

If you are new to audio and want to buy your first headset, then ddHiFi Janus might not be the right choice. However, for those of you who have played with audio toys before and also have some headphones, then ddHiFi will be a very notable In-Ear monitor for them if you like exotic and sweet tones. If you’re new …

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FiiO UTWS3 Bluetooth Amplifier With MMCX Connector, and Charging case

FiiO has officially launched the True Wireless Bluetooth amp named FiiO UTWS3 with 2-pin 0.78 detachable MMCX connector. The FiiO Bluetooth amp has quite a few upgrades compared to the previous version of UTWS1 such as a better amplifier to be able to use more high-end headphones with many drivers, noise levels, and dynamics are also improved. with the previous …

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