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Manfrotto FAST GimBoom Carbon Fiber, and Two Gimbals Kit Announced

The Italian company Manfrotto, a well-known manufacturer of photo and video accessories, has introduced a universal camera carbon fiber extension arm for Gimbals named Manfrotto FAST GimBoom Carbon Fiber. Along with the professional 3-axis motorized gimbal stabilizer called Gimbal 220, Gimbal 220 Pro Kit, and Gimbal 460 Pro Kit, which are able to work with DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The …

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Manfrotto 504X Fluid Video Head with Flat Base Announced

Manfrotto, a company specializing in the design and manufacture of equipment for photography, video, and accessories, has now announced the release of a new video head with a flat base – Manfrotto 504X Fluid. The new Manfrotto video head has compact dimensions, lightweight and a flat base. A video head with a flat base is a perfect combination of design …

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New Camera Backpack from Manfrotto: Chicago Backpack 30, and Backpack 50

Vitec Imaging Co., Ltd. released two new Manfrotto camera backpack for urban photographers: the Chicago Backpack 30 and Backpack 50. The interior of the new Manfrotto backpacks can be accessed from three sides: from above and from both sides. The inner part for storing the camera can be used as a standalone shoulder bag. For the strap on the back …

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Manfrotto launches Nitrotech 608 and 612 Video Heads with Tripod Systems

After the announcement of the Manfrotto 5002BL Nano Plus Stand a few days ago, Vitec Imaging Co., Ltd. released a series of MVTTWINMA tripods – Nitrotech 608/612 video heads with the Nitrogen piston counterbalance mechanism from Manfrotto. The Nitrotech 608/612 fluid video head features a continuous counterbalance system that enables precise control of a camera and accessories up to 17.6 …

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Manfrotto launches 5002BL Nano Plus Stand, Pushes Outdoor Photography

Manfrotto Introduces a new 5002BL Nano Plus Stand is a compact lighting solution for the photographers, videographers, and content creators who looking for ways to downsize their gear and travel lighter. Manfrotto 5002BL has 5 sections, foldable design, and due to its stable design, it can withstand loads up to 4 kg. It is the strongest model of the Nano …

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Manfrotto Tripods: Best ones to Buy

Manfrotto Tripods

In every guide related to camera tripods, we will surely mention the best Manfrotto tripods, essential accessories for photography that should never be missing in your equipment. Whether you are amateur or professionals photographers, you should ensure that you have a tripod always available during your photo expeditions. The camera tripod task is not just to stabilize the camera when …

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Best Camera Tripod: Which One I Should Buy

Best Camera Tripod

Improve the quality of your camera clicks and the stability of the captured shots, thanks to a camera tripod. Let’s see together what your attention deserves. One of the key tools that level up of your photography skill is the camera tripod, unlike our hands allows greater stability during shooting. Although it involves a greater expenditure in terms of mobility, …

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Best Camera Backpack: Which One Should I Buy

Best Camera Backpack

The Camera backpack plays a fundamental role in any photographer’s life, which is why we decided to offer you a series of really interesting products and what to do before buying. After carefully selecting the best cameras for you: underwater Action cameras, 360 camera, best action cameras, compact 4K cameras and, best underwater camera, it is essential to find a …

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