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Animaionic Dock Turn your Mac Mini into Workstation

Kickstarter is currently funding a dock that turns the Mac Mini models into an ergonomic workstation by adding two desktop graphics cards, four SSDs and an SD card reader to the small computer. The idea behind it makes perfect sense: The Mac Mini 2018 (starts from $679 on Amazon and $1,099 on Bhphotovideo) can be used by Apple with a …

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Zanco Tiny T1 is World’s Smallest Mobile Phone

Zanco Tiny T1

Clubit New Media Company has introduced the Zanco Tiny T1 mobile phone, which stands out for its size. According to the manufacturer, this is the world’s smallest mobile phone in the class. Despite the tiny size, the device can call and send messages – in other words, perform the basic functions of any feature phone. In terms of size, Zanco …

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Amazon Lunchpad introduced Dedicated Page for Kickstarter

Amazon has announced an official partnership with Kickstarter on Wednesday, this is a dedicated section for crowdfunding platform Kickstarter exclusively on Amazon Lunchpad. Currently over 300 products are available on Amazon Kickstarter Store page in various categories including electronics, books, kitchenware, movies, wireless accessories, toys, games, and more. Both the companies partnered each other will help the Kickstarter’s products to …

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Lensbaby Circular 180+ Fisheye Lens for GoPro Action Cam, Priced at $69

Lensbaby Circular 180+ wide angle lens with fully circle fisheye for GoPro HERO action cam has been crowdfunding at Kickstarter platform. Promising better pricing – at $69 for early backers and $79 thereafter; and Lensbaby Circular 180+ lens is up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The company initially pledged to raise $30,000 goal though it already raised close to $6,856, at …

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Exo-GP1: Stylish Waterproof Housing for GoPro Cameras

The Exo Camera company was founded in 2015, based in New Zealand. They designed a new Exo-GP1 accessory which is fundraising on Kickstarter. The Exo-GP1 is a waterproof housing for GoPro Hero 3 or 4 action camera, and also turns your camera into a style rangefinder. Not only effective accessory in styling, as you see the GP1 viewfinder, you’ll see …

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