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3-in-1 iPhone Case: World’s First Walkie-Talkie Case For iPhone

3-in-1 iPhone Case

It’s not your regular iPhone protective case, but also a walkie-talkie handset to talk to your friends or colleagues when on a hike, travel or fieldwork. Further, the 3-in-1 iPhone Case comes with built-in 3500mAh battery on board that can charge the iPhone when it’s nearly out of power. Combine walkie-talkie function to this iPhone case, supports 400~470MHz hardware intercom, …

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Otterbox: Best way to Protect your iPhone

If you are bored, and looking for a case for your most expensive iPhone devices, which would be the case were produced by Otterbox. A case for iPhone 6 and 6s ​​produced by Otterbox can be purchased via Amazon with a price tag of $19.99; and it is available in so many different color combinations such as Black, Auqa Sky, …

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