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Pentax 645Z IR Medium Format Camera with Infrared Imaging feature Announced

Pentax 645Z IR is the Medium format camera with 51-megapixel sensor, be upgraded variant from the standard Pentax 645Z. With IR suffix to present this camera is capable of infrared imaging – light that normally not recognized by the naked human eye and the normal camera. The infrared filter normally present in front of the camera’s sensor has been removed …

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Fujifilm X-T1 IR dedicated camera for IR and UV Photography Launched

For those who like infrared and ultraviolet photography which may not really popular. To capture infrared and ultraviolet pictures from the camera is quite simple. But with the popularity of digital platforms, it is quite complex for one camera to capture high-quality Digital Infrared Photography¬†or ultraviolet photographs, requiring the intervention into the camera structure and appropriate calibration.The Fujifilm is a …

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