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Ikelite launches 200DL Underwater Housing for Nikon D780

The Ikelite is the first among the manufacturers of underwater housing for photography, has announced the 200DL model for the latest Nikon D780 SLR camera (Hands-on). The under-water housing is corrosion-free performance year with minimal maintenance. ABS-PC is lighter than aluminum for convenience during travel and less drag underwater. It allows shooting at depths up to 60m and is equipped …

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Ikelite introduces 200DL Underwater Housing for Nikon Z 50 Mirrorless Cameras

The Ikelite has announced the first fully functional and durable Underwater Housing called 200DL, which received model number #71065 and which allows the diver to work with the Nikon Z 50 mirrorless camera at depths of up to 60 m. The 200DL is made of a corrosion-resistant high-strength transparent polycarbonate and ABS plastic blend with anodized aluminum push buttons, stainless …

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