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Huion GT-220 v2 Pen Tablet Monitor, Upgraded from GT-220

Huion announced an imaginative new Pen Tablet Monitor for design and creative professionals, the Huion GT-220 v2. This new ultra-premium Huion Tablet Monitor combines incredibly powerful hardware with specific optimisations in Windows 10 OS. One of its most notable features is a new rechargeable stylus pen and an accurate cursor positioning for Mac and PC.  The 21.5-inch LCD screen uses …

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Huion G10T Tablet with Stylus and Type-C: Coming Soon

Since 2000 Huion Foreign trade department has been founded. With ten years of development, they present in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, France, United Stated, Netherlands and more than 100 countries.  The company has released a number of tablets, Pen tablet monitors, Tracing boards, and accessories. Now another tablet in Pen tablet series called Huion G10T is ready to launch …

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