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Sound Blaster GC7 Premium DAC Amp for Gamers from Creative

Creative recently announced the new Sound Blaster GC7. This is a premium DAC Amp that is specially tailored for gamers and streamers. Creative Technologies introduced the next product innovation is the Sound Blaster GC7 is a premium gamer DAC with which the manufacturer is aimed at gamers, content creators, and streamers. The DAC Amp offers intuitive one-hand operation as well …

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Schiit Modi 3+ DAC AMP with High-end Unison USB Circuit

Schiit Audio, an audio brand that has become familiar to global users, has introduced its latest low-cost DAC AMP model called Schiit Modi 3+. New Schiit DAC is completely made in California, USA like other high-end headphone amp models. The difference between Modi 3+ ​​and Schiit Modi 3 in the past is the use of a USB Unison circuit similar …

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