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Canon launches CN-E20-50mm, and CN-E45-135mm T2.4 LF/FP Zoom Cinema Lenses

Canon has unveiled its first full-frame EF zoom lenses for cinema production: the CN-E20-50mm T.2.4 LF/FP and CN-E45-135mm T2.4 LF/FP. Both Canon camera lenses have a constant aperture of T2.4 and don’t forget that they are zoom lenses, and they cover the most commonly used focal lengths for shooting video. Canon wide angle zoom lenses received Canon EF or PL …

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Viltrox EF-E5 Lens adapter to attach Canon EF lens on Sony E cameras

Viltrox has released an updated 4th generation EF-E5 Canon EF adapter for attaching Canon EF / EF-S lenses to Sony E-mount cameras while retaining PDAF / CDAF autofocus and EXIF ​​recording. Another feature of the Canon EF adapter is the liquid crystal display on the body, which displays the focal lengths and aperture of the Canon lens. The adapter supports …

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Dulens APO 85mm F2 lens for Canon EF now available on Amazon

Chinese lens manufacturer Jakumei Optics has recently announced a new Dulens APO 85mm F2 lens for Canon EF and Nikon F-mount camera systems, which is now available to buy on Amazon. According to the manufacturer, the lens’ apochromatic (APO) design is inspired by ‘Sonnar-style’ lenses, the first of which was created by Dr. Ludwig Bertele in 1929. New Canon ef …

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