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Canon 5DsRa: Next Full-frame Astrophotography Camera? [Rumor]

The Canon is said to be developing a full-frame DSLR Camera dedicated to demand of astrophotography and will debut next year – 2016. Artwork A dedicated camera for astrophotography often equipped with special sensors, which obtained the special wavelengths of light, to shoot sharp, clear with full of detailing. The Canon EOS 20DA was the first DSLR camera on this …

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Canon 5DS Image leaked with a price tag of $ 3800

According to Kenrockwell, which is the most reliable source and famous website for evaluating the camera and lens posted a live photo of Canon 5DS, it’s identical to pictures leaked on the Internet. Ken – the site owner said he had hand on model mock up of the Canon 5DS and brought into the studio to shoot with the 100mm …

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