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Gigabyte G32QC Review: Best Budget 1440P Monitor for Gaming

In gaming monitors, there are various models: from e-sports 300 Hz to huge 4K panels with HDR support. Regular gamers need something in between: a screen with good color rendering, which is fast, and easy to use in everyday scenarios. Keeping in mind similar opportunities, we have brought you the Gigabyte G32QC review, which seems to be the best budget …

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Gigabyte G34WQC Review: Best Curved Gaming Monitor

Demand for gaming monitors is increasing. Already one would not be surprised with a sharp matrix and a clear picture. Buyers are now interested in expanded color gamut, super-wide panels, and HDR support. It is also in the all-new GIGABYTE. What compromise did you have to make to get the G34WQC best curved gaming monitor model at an affordable price? …

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Gigabyte launches New Best Budget Gaming Monitor Series with Refresh rates up to 165Hz

Gigabyte Technology has announced the new best budget gaming monitor 2020 series that identifies high-performance displays designed especially for games, but also suitable for other applications that require a well-calibrated and reliable display. There is a total of five gaming screen models introduced: Gigabyte G27F, G27Q, G27FC, G27QC, and G32QC, all united by an IPS display and ad hoc features …

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