Syllable D900s Review: True Wireless Headphones Comes with Small size, Outputs like Blast

Syllable is well-known for its great products for audiophiles. Among all its complete selection of Bluetooth headphones, the recently launched Syllable D900s has a special function because its a True Wireless Headphones. Let’s walk through to full Syllable D900s review below: Syllable D900s review

Syllable D900s Design & Technology:

Syllable D900s Bluetooth Headphones comes with an exclusive Multiplex link Composite connection Technology. Syllable D900s wireless earbuds focus on the same technology for a truly wireless connection. With this design, there is absolutely no limit in choosing any work or sports activities with D900s and It has an IPX4 waterproof rating, meaning it would stand well in the rain and there will not be any harm from sweating (best for running or exercising). This mini wireless Bluetooth Headphones can be an upgrade from its predecessor Syllable True Wireless D900 Earbuds in conditions of Noise Cancellation, In-Call Quality, Stable Signal, 2-Route Stereo system and Audio.

Syllable D900s facilitates Apt-X Bluetooth music codec. The primary good thing about Apt-X codec is the fact that it offers CD-like music quality more than a Bluetooth connection. It’s an integral feature to differentiate among audio tracks products of over 320+ brands for earphones, headsets, speakers, motor vehicle sound systems, cellular devices, etc. Apt-X technology offers Hi-Fi in-call quality, indistinguishable from wired earphone, over Bluetooth. DSCN1290

D900s is really True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds and you could opt for a single part or the couple together. If you decide to go for a run with these and worried about them falling out. Syllable has provided a neck strap that holds the both earbuds together to give more confidence.


+Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
+Lightweight (6 grams each)
+High build quality
+Tons of accessories
+Fits pretty much
+Dock provided
+IPX4 waterproof


-Low bass
-Limited Control


They hook up to the phone via Bluetooth similarly like all other Bluetooth headphones. The ultimate way to hook up to your phone is to to power the right earbud on first by holding the multi-function button for 2 seconds. Once the right earbud is paired, you then power the left earbud on. This earbud will automatically connect to the right earbud. The single operation button on the right earbud used to power them on and off, pair and also to pick up and end calls. DSCN1271

Press operation button twice after connected with your phone, to automatically dial the latest call. During in-calling, press the operation button once to answer the call or double-press to refuse. During music playback, press the button once to pause or play music. Yes, there is no way to change tracks or control volume directly from the earbuds.

Pairing D900s with my iPhone 6s was super easy and exactly like another Bluetooth headsets. The thing to notice is that the left will not work as a standalone, but the right side will.


Syllable D900s is a true wireless headphones and you play with these a bit and pay attention to the music, you’ll be very satisfied and perhaps impressed with the vibrant selection of these air buds! They have got great mids, great highs and low bass it doesn’t get muddied or tinny at the utmost level. These aren’t excellent noisy and won’t blow your head back but they are loud.
Make sure the right is chosen by you sized eartips as this makes a major difference with the sound quality.


The Headphones with a charging case which is an innovative feature that is nice for commuting and day trips where you don’t want to have to take an external battery for travel. One of the only cons of this setup is having to twist the ear moldings on the earbuds so that the electrical connection on the earbud can make contact with the charging case. It’s kind of a hassle to twist those moldings back into a correct position when you want to use the earbuds.

Charging & Battery life:

These Syllable Headphones come with a special case that will charge the earbuds on the go. Once they are in the case and the cover is closed the case will charge the earbuds. The case is very stylish and have 4 LEDs to indicate the battery life it has remaining. You also get a pouch if you find the case too big to carry with you. DSCN1263

The D900s earbuds have about 4 hours of battery life. It takes about 30 minutes to charge them in the case, while the case takes between 2 to 3 hours to fully charge via Micro USB cable.

What could possibly be Better:

I wish they provided a few different hearing tip styles. I’ve produced accustom to the sort with stabilising hooks as they feel a more secure.

Final line:

Overall, a fantastic bit of kit here. Syllable have been very innovative with these Completely Wireless Earbuds and are one of the first to release something like this and i hop this Syllable D900s review will help you out to buy.

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