Syllable D700 Review: Sweat Proof Sports Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

If you are interested in sports and looking for some cheap and decent pair of Bluetooth Wireless Headsets with Hands-free Calling the Syllable D700 may be something look at under the budget of $20 USD. Syllable D700 Bluetooth Wireless Headsets is a self-powered, rechargeable batteries that support Bluetooth 4.1 and a2dp for enhanced sound quality. It is compatible with both Android or iOS devices and other devices that have Bluetooth connectivity. Let’s enjoy the Syllable D700 Review below to find out more about the Headsets.www.techtoyreviews.com8


The Syllable D700 Bluetooth Wireless Headsets are packed in neat carrying case other contains of the packaging includes some extra earbuds, micro-USB cable for charging and manual with instructions. When it comes to the design Syllable D700 uses Sweat Proof rubber and plastic in its construction, has a one of a kind design which puts a lot of emphasis on ergonomics, the headphone parts are made of plastic and its builds high quality, also it can rotate 360 degrees for maximum flexibility.www.techtoyreviews.com6

The on-air support is made of rubber and it is designed in the way to make sure that the headphones don’t fall off when exercising, Well the several purposes, but not all the time as, i would love to see a better implementation here as the right earphone fell up several times for me. And another thing that I don’t like the yellow cable which is taken out of the headphones. Well, it is part from the deal breaker, but it is simply doesn’t look appealing. The cord, the earbuds and the eartips don’t look as refined as we would have preferred, the overall impression of the design is not premium at all.



As far as controller which feels a bit simple by the way we have a volume up and down, play and pause button, on/off, pairing mode, answer/end call, reject call, redial the last call, skip to next/previous song, turn on/off voice dial as well as the microUSB port for charging. All are controlled via the special and easy to learn push commands to either one of these buttons. Pretty impressive number of controls with only three buttons.


Pairing the Syllable D700 Bluetoot 4.1 Earphone with your smartphone is fairly easy. You need to turn the Bluetooth on your phone first then press and hold the middle button until the speakers turn themselves on and blue LED lights will start to blink. This way you’ll turn on your D700 and can see the model number on your smartphone Bluetooth list.www.techtoyreviews.com7

After doing this pairing you don’t need to pair your device again. They will find each other and pair automatically as you turn the Bluetooth ON. One more thing to note that it can be paired with one device at a time, so if you switch devices, you have to turn off Bluetooth on the first device in order to pair the second one.


The sound quality for $20 USD for Bluetooth headphones is fantastic, there are a lot of mids and highs, less bass and depth to the sound the volume output is very good and you simply can’t accept more from such inexpensive pair of headphones. I found the general sound signature of the Syllable D700 headphones to be relatively mids and highs. And it is one of the very few Bluetooth earphones I could get pleasure with while listening to Pop or Hip-hop music. The vocals are sharp and clear and really any kind of music you listen to sound good.

Hands free calling:

Also, there is a Mic for hands free calling which is working quite well indoors, but it is not that well in windy or noisy environment. Microphone quality is above average and certainly one of the best when compared to the other Bluetooth devices. Capable of sending clean and clear calls.

Battery life:

The main flaw is the battery life, On the box is stated that the battery life is 5 hours for continuous audio playback and more than 180 hours of standby, i could get around of 2 hours of listing time. Well is not a deal breaker, but if you exercise a lot you need to charge a headphones lot. Other than that they have no complaints about the range or connectivity or any other issues. So both the usage time and standby time is average for this kind of device.



You need to open a microUSD plastic covering on the control pad where the rechargeable battery is housed and then connect the included short micro USB cable between the Syllable D700 and your computer USB port or with any kind of USB charger. Once the D700 is connected to the power source, the LED on the controller pad will light up in red. It normally takes about 2 hours to fully charge or depending on your source.

Final line:

So, there you have it D700 Bluetooth headphones, in sort they have great value for the price but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. First of all, these were not most comfortable earphones, i have ever used because they don’t always tights in the ears. Also, it happened the few times that the right earphones simply fell of the ear because the controller is too close to the earphones.www.techtoyreviews.com5

Finally, if you are looking for a pair of good sounding budget sports Bluetooth headphones, the Syllable D700 Bluetooth headphones can be your option if you don’t mind a few shortcomings, you can get it on Amazon US store under $20 USD. I hope that you enjoyed the Syllable D700 Review; and you can make any suggestions in the comment box below.


  • Sweat proof Ergonomic design
  • Good sound
  • Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity with good range up to 10 meters.
  • Hands-free calling
  • Inexpensive


  • Relatively short battery life
  • Color

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