Elgato Stream Deck+ with a touchscreen and four rotary controls

Elgato has introduced its latest stream deck console, the Stream Deck+, which aims to simplify the life of streamers with the help of a touchscreen and four rotary controls. Eight buttons can be freely assigned as usual.

Elgato Stream Deck Plus Stream Deck console

Compared to the older Stream Deck console, the Elgato Stream Deck+ adds four rotary controls that make it possible to continuously adjust functions such as camera zoom, microphone volume, or exposure. All knobs can be turned in either direction indefinitely, while they can also be pressed like buttons to control additional functions.

As usual, the relevant functions can be customized to one’s liking in the Elgato Stream Deck app, although updated plugins are required to drive the rotary controls, so at least for the time being these can only be used with a handful of programs. A narrow touchscreen sits above the knobs, which not only shows the currently selected function of the knobs but also allows you to quickly switch between multiple presets with a swipe gesture.

The eight buttons work just like on the older Stream Deck console – the icons are represented by integrated displays and can be freely selected, as can the functions of the buttons. Due to the diverse customization options, Stream Deck+ is not only suitable for streamers but also has a place in audio production, video editing, or creative workflows with the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Elgato Stream Deck+ price and availability

The new Elgato Stream Deck console is available now from the Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk websites for $199.99 / £199.99.

Razer recently introduced an exciting competitor to the Elgato Stream Deck console. The Razer stream controller offers 12 switchblade keys with haptic feedback, 6 tactile analog dials, and 8 programmable buttons.

The product aims to make it easier to quickly access programs and features during a live stream. And it costs $269.99 / £259.99.

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