Sony unveils two new Wireless Microphones ECM-W2BT and ECM-LV1

Sony Electronics has announced two new wireless microphones: the ECM-W2BT Wireless Mic, which can be plugged into the Multi Interface Shoe, and the ECM-LV1 compact stereo lavalier microphone.

Sony ECM-W2BT and ECM-LV1 Wireless Microphones

The ECM-W2BT Sony microphone provides a stable wireless connection and allows you to record high-quality sound with low noise, especially when combined with an ECM-LV1 lavalier microphone and a Sony digital audio camera. This combination will be appreciated by vloggers, YouTube channel creators, and video content creators who need reliable high-quality audio recordings for video reviews of various products, as well as when filming on the street, traveling, and so on.

The ECM-W2BT wireless mic set allows you to record low noise digital audio by connecting the receiver to a compatible camera equipped with a Multi-Interface Shoe with Digital Audio Interface. The digital signal from the receiver can be recorded directly in the camera without using an external audio cable. Compared to previous models, the ECM-W2BT has been redesigned to improve audio quality. The omnidirectional microphone capsule suppresses noise and ensures that both sounds in front of the camera and ambient sounds are captured clearly. With a reliable wireless connection, the ECM-W2BT wireless microphones provides high-quality recordings even when there are obstacles between the microphone and receiver. In an open space, you can record sound at a distance of up to 200 meters. All this allows the device to be used in a variety of situations. At the same time, support for the new Qualcomm® aptX ™ Low Latency codec ensures high recording quality and low latency.

The ECM-W2BT opens up a wide range of creative possibilities with three pickup modes – MIC, MIX, and the new RCVR – that allow you to record voices and environmental sounds to suit your personal preference. In MIC mode, the sound is received only from the microphone transmitter, so only the sounds of the subject are recorded. In RCVR mode, only the sound from the receiver’s internal microphone is recorded, so the person filming can record their own voice. MIX mode captures sounds from both the transmitter and receiver. This mode is suitable for those cases when you want to record the sounds of the subject and the person who is shooting. The ECM-W2BT microphone supports stereo audio recording and is equipped with an external 3.5mm stereo miniature jack so that it can be used in conjunction with a stereo lavalier microphone.

In difficult conditions, the attenuator function of the ECM-W2BT model helps. There are three levels. The desired level is selected depending on the original sound volume: you can mute excessively loud sounds or amplify quieter sounds. The ECM-W2BT also comes with a windshield to reduce wind noise when recording outdoors. The function of an additional power supply via the Multi Interface Shoe allows you to record sound for a longer time: the receiver will work for 18 hours. The ECM-W2BT wireless microphones are equipped with two indicators: LINK and POWER. The LINK indicator shows the status of the connection between the microphone and the receiver. And the POWER indicator allows you to estimate the remaining battery charge.

Sony ECM-W2BT and ECM-LV1 Wireless Microphones

The ECM-LV1 stereo lavalier microphone also provides high-quality audio recording. It is very compact, easy to carry, and comfortable to use while shooting. The ECM-LV1 is also equipped with wind protection, which provides additional noise cancellation. The clip rotates 360 degrees so that the microphone can be mounted horizontally on a tie or vertically on a pocket. The microphone is powered through its connector.

  • ECM-W2BT will be available from March 10, 2021, for $299.99 on the website.
  • ECM-LV1 costs $29.99, and it will also available to buy from March 10, 2021, on the website.

Yesterday, Deity microphones has also announced the V-Link 3.5mm Microphone Adapter audio cable. It is used as a 48V XLR phantom power adapter to a conventional TRS 3V 3.5 mm jack, priced at $34 only.

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