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Sony unveils XF90, XF85, and XF80 series TV at CES 2018

XF90 is the new series of LCD TVs that Sony announced at CES 2018. These are the models that will replace the current XE90. The design has been modified compared to that seen on LCD TV 2017: the frame uses a dark aluminum finish, while the base is composed of two supports in the shape of “L” that widen outward. This solution has also been studied to allow a perfect integration with the new HT-XF9000 soundbar. The table support also allows you to keep the cables tidy so as to channel them towards the back of the TV, concealing them from view.

sony xf90
Sony XF90

The panels used by the XF90 series are all Ultra HD FALD LCDs, an acronym of Full LED-array with Local Dimming. To control the backlight, both in SDR and in HDR is X-tended Dynamic Range Pro, able to precisely adjust the brightness levels for each area of the screen. Sony speaks of a contrast ratio 6 times higher than that of a conventional TV without local dimming. So, the performance should be higher than XE90, credited with a contrast ratio 5 times higher than conventional television.

The most relevant news concerns the picture processor: Sony XF90 is equipped with the 4K HDR X1 Extreme processor also present on ZD9, A1, XE94, XE93 and the new AF8 OLED TV. The functions are in common with the other series: the first is the “object-based” HDR remastering. The processor analyzes the image in each scene and corrects colors and contrast for each object, in order to optimize the overall picture. The same technology is also used to process the SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) contents and convert them to HDR.

sony xf85
Sony XF85

With the Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR are instead recreated softer, smoother and more precise transitions between shades of color. The X1 Extreme processor analyzes 8-bit (Full HD) or 10-bit (Ultra HD) sources and then displays colors with a 14-bit gradation. On paper, it is possible to display a number of levels of color much higher.

The new X1 Extreme processor is also equipped with a double database for upscaling and noise reduction. TV uses a series of image patterns to bring SD, HD or Full HD content to Ultra HD resolution, and to remove unwanted video noise. To complete the picture is the Triluminos technology and 4K X-Reality Pro. X-Motion Clarity technology debuts on XF90, capable of modulating the backlighting to improve the reproduction of fast-moving scenes.

The presence of the most advanced processor allows supporting three formats for the management of HDR: HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. Obviously, Android TV is not missing, here complete with the Google Assistant. The voice interaction will allow you to search for content, start playback, control TV and smart home devices on the local network, and get information of various kinds such as weather forecasts. In some countries, integration with Amazon’s Alexa will also be supported. Sony XF90 will be available in 49″, 55″, 65″ and 75″. Prices and release date will be announced soon.

sony xf80
Sony XF80

The Sony LCD range also includes two other Ultra HD LCD series, both with LED Edge backlighting. The technical characteristics available are not particularly rich. Sony XF85 will use the 4K HDR with X1 Extreme picture processor and will be available in 85”, 75″, 65″, 55″, 49” and 43″ screen sizes.

Sony XF85 includes Triluminos display for greater color accuracy, 4K X-Reality Pro technology to improve the rendering of details, there is also Digital Assistant, integrated Chromecast, access to Google Play and HDR10 compatibility.

The other series is called Sony XF80 comes in 55″, 49″ and a 43″ screen sizes, includes 4K X-Reality Pro technology, Triluminos display, Digital Assistant, Chromecast, Google Play and HDR10 support.

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