Sony multilayer sensor patent for the camera

The leaked pictures of a new patent shows that Sony is developing multilayer sensor. Currently, there are a number of companies are developing new multilayer sensor technologies like the Foveon Sensor Technology in the Sigma camera. Sony is preparing to develop their image sensor in that direction, we recognize this by information from their new patent, it must be admitted that a solution for the FE mounting which is the most important development.Sony-multilayer-sensor-patent-for-the-camera

The new Sony sensor patent with multilayer sensor technology, not the traditional RGB Bayer sensor system, it would be like the Foveon sensor in the Sigma camera.

The Sony lens on the sensor lens to adjust the angle of the light before going into the sensor. The correction for the light to go on the full sensor with square corners and allows the production of a more compact lens because the lens does not have to use multiple lenses for that (heavier than the ideal length). The Sony multilayer sensor patent would remove that restriction by integrating a sensor on the lens, and the lens will be smaller and more compact.


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