$500 OFF on Bluetti EP500Pro solar generator with long-life LiFePO4 battery

With the EP500Pro, Bluetti introduced powerful solar powered generators for home, which are now available with up to a $500 discount. The Bluetti EP500 Pro solar generator for house has a 5,100 Wh, long-life LiFePO4 battery and delivers up to 3,000 watts to connected devices.

Bluetti EP500Pro solar powered generators for home

Power stations and solar powered generators for home are becoming more and more popular – not only as a mobile power supply for working on the road but also as an emergency supply in the event of a power failure at home. The Bluetti EP500Pro is a particularly powerful solar generator for house.

The Bluetti solar generator is an even more powerful version of the Bluetti EP500 with 5,100 Wh and 2,000 W nominal output, which can currently be ordered from Amazon.com with a discount of $400 at the best price of around $4,999.

Now, the Bluetti EP500Pro is also starting to be sold at a discounted price of $5,499 with a total saving of $500, so prospective buyers can purchase it from the Amazon.com website. With this price, the Bluetti EP500Pro solar generator is by no means a bargain. However, the powerhouse also offers a lot of power that smaller and cheaper power stations can’t keep up with.

The manufacturer specifies the capacity as 5,100 Wh. The inverter provides 3,000 W of nominal power with a pure sine curve. With these performance data, numerous pantographs can undoubtedly be supplied with energy over a longer period. These can be connected to several sockets and USB ports. A touchscreen is available for operation. The mobile battery is charged via the power grid or solar panels, which Bluetti also sells, but are not included in the price.

The energy is stored in LiFePO4 batteries. This stands for lithium iron phosphate and is particularly long-lasting battery technology. When charging and discharging the EP500Pro, the LiFePO4’s lithium ions move back and forth between the cathode and anode to generate an electrical charge. This allows the battery cells to deliver a stable and safe flow of energy to the devices.

In addition to the high price, there is another thing that buyers should consider: the Bluetti EP500Pro solar generator weighs in at a whopping 76 kg. Thanks to four wheels on the underside, it can still be moved relatively easily (at least on level ground).

Recently, Jackery introduced the Explorer 2000 Pro solar generator with 2,160 Wh and up to 4,400 watts depending on the equipment, can be recharged within 2.5 hours using the energy of the sun, and is priced at $2,299.

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