Skylum Luminar AI With More Artificial Intelligence

Skylum software announces the Luminar AI release, the photo editing program with even more automatic functions and creative possibilities. Skylum Luminar AI has several AI-supported technologies that help automate processes and thus make work easier without restricting the creative manual possibilities of the user.

Skylum Luminar AI photo editing program

A new system from Luminar AI automatically memorizes each photo according to the subject and problem areas and then recommends templates that both challenge creativity and help you cope with common tasks. Users can then choose whether to use a template, optimize it for an individual look, or skip the template process entirely and edit picture manually.

Throughout the entire easy photo editing process, Luminar AI intelligently “knows” where to apply each effect, so that users can improve their images without tedious manual work. The integrated AI assistant in the templates “sees” the relationships between all elements in a photo thanks to 3D depth mapping. “The templates were designed with the help of many well-known photographers and photo editors in order to achieve very specific processing and improvements to individual image components,” explains Dima Sytnik, CPO of Skylum. “In less than two minutes, Luminar AI makes ten or more suggestions on how a photo could be optimized. This can be adopted in this way or viewed as a starting point for personal refinement, ”adds Sytnik.

All AI-controlled tools have been tested by Skylum for everyday usability and continuously improved in the development process with professional photographers to ensure that the product meets everyone’s needs.

Skylum Luminar AI photo editing program

Luminar AI photo editing program was built for beginners and professionals alike and offers something for everyone. With portrait tools like Body AI, creatives can sculpt the body of a person portrayed by realistically enlarging or reducing the volume. The eyes can be transformed with Iris AI so that the color of an iris can be changed or sparkle can be added. Face AI and Skin AI focus on fine-tuning the details of a subject’s face while offering options for reducing blemishes and shine.

As for the landscape, Sky AI offers a variety of ways to manipulate the sky. It is recognized automatically and at the same time, the photo editing program offers various optimization options. Atmosphere AI allows you to add realistic effects like fog or haze while other elements are automatically recognized.

Skylum Luminar AI photo editing program

All images can take advantage of Luminar’s Accent AI tool, which uses AI to intelligently enhance photographs. Finally, Composition AI helps to find the perfect section based on the golden ratio and the rule of thirds.

After the start of sales, additional functions will be added in the following months. These will be made available promptly as an update in Luminar AI:

  • Bokeh AI emulates the impressive background blur of a high-quality lens.
  • Luminar AI can replace the sky with Sky AI right from the start. With the next generation of this tool, Sky AI 2.0, the sky can also be automatically reflected in the water.

In addition, in 2021 there will also be the ability to browse the collection of skies with a thumbnail viewer so that the decision on which to use the right sky can be made much faster.

Luminar AI is available as a stand-alone best photo editing program, as a plug-in for Lightroom Classic and Photoshop, and as an extension for Apple Photos. The Luminar AI download is available on for $99.99.

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