Shock Clock Alarm with Shock to Ensure you Wake up

Shock Clock has only one function – the alarm, wait wait wait…. but is a very different and unique than the alarm clock. It lets you be forced to wake up from sleep, so this is essential for the lazy person like me or all of whom does not easily wake up from sleep.Shock Clock

Shock Clock has three different part to wake you up as early as possible. The first is a slow and silent vibration, if that doesn’t work for you then its ringing loudly with quite annoying noise, and if you try to ignore it continuously then Shock Clock will shock you with a development to ensure you wake up immediately. Shock Clock benefits towards that is to eliminate the lazy habit of waking up each and will train the brain to be a conscious wake up on time (to avoid electric shock).

According to a scientific explanation of the manufacturer, the Shock Clock training works great in the sense of the wearer. After a few days of use, the wearer’s brain will learn that if you do not wake up after the vibration means a shock will be coming, thereby helping you to get up early as soon as possible to avoid shock. And within a few weeks, the body will gradually adapt the system and naturally wakes you up earlier, even if you forget to wear the device.

User can set the Pavlok Alarm Clock Shock Clock using the app which available on both Android and iOS platforms; and choose how you want to be woken up as Beep, Vibrate and Zap (mild electric stimulus). User can also set multi alarm, snooze lock, accountability and also track their sleep analysis in Pavlok App.

Shock Clock is raising funds on Indiegogo in the amount of $1000 and priced at $90; and it is available in five different colors such as Pink, Blue, Black, Grey, and Red.

Check out Pavlok Amazon Price below:

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