Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Review: Change the Image of Your Music

First of all, before we talk about the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 review, we have to answer to all of you: Is MTW 1 compared to MTW 2 worth buying? No, we say this:

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 review

When you make a good headset, you really have a headache when making the next product.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 was born to fix the hardware errors of Momentum True Wireless 1 but it seems that Sennheiser did not want to fix it on MTW 1 but focused on finishing on MTW 2, they really cared about his consumers and did well.

Regarding the music of MTW 2, it is different or still very good, but different from MTW 1 in terms of music perspective, it is really worth your upgrade.

MTW 1 soundstage is a neat, super modern room full of technology with clear details, MTW 2 is a magnificent stage, a real concert.

The sound of MTW 1’s Bass / Mid / Treble is like a super nice chair in the first-class cabin hugging your body, the MTW 2 is a sea wave that sweeps you along the endless flow of music.

Hardware changes of MTW 1 compared to MTW 2:

The charging case is tough, the size is small now, only about 1 or 2 millimeters smaller, so there is no significant difference.

Sennheiser earbuds, they actually make it smaller, more compact, than we once mentioned that MTW is comfortable to wear, but also for those who have short ears, so MTW 2 has shrunk its design for long wear, it provides much more comfort than MTW 1, this is the first significant change.

The other change most people are expecting is the battery, the MTW 2 Sennheiser headsets now allow you to listen continuously for 7 hours and the charging case adds 21 hours so now a total of 28 hours of music listening, not just 4 hours on the headset.

In addition, a really significant change that is more like a bug fix: there is no longer the automatic error of running out of battery like MTW 1 anymore. That error makes a lot of people uncomfortable because their listening time is not regular, so the calculation criteria get worse every time. We have been using MTW 2 for 5 days, but still not running out of battery, we deliberately use it for about 2-3 hours every day. How everything is clear it has fixed the error of running out of battery.

And of course, it has active noise cancelling, and our assessment of noise cancellation, as well as environmental noise, is not as good as Airpod Pro but if you’re on an airplane with ear tightness and master noise protection. It gives you a really comfortable space, and the reason why it doesn’t have good active noise cancellation is probably that Sennheiser fears that too much active noise will affect your ability to listen to music.

About Usage

For current true multi-purpose wireless earbuds, there are 2 types, first is the all-in-one medium: good music, good conversation, lag-free gaming and movies, and essentially loud listening, excellent representatives of this type are: Apple Airpods Pro and Airpods 2.

The second type is just a headset for listening to music: the quality of the conversation just complements the selling nature. The reason why we say this is because, in fact, headset brands tell them the first thing they want when a headset is made, especially an expensive one, the first thing is the sound, or other things they will consider later and many big brands fall into this category, but not everyone.

Sennheiser is very well-known in the mass-produced consumer audio industry, when it produces a lot of products that are highly priced and have many competitors in their market but are still sold out loud during 2019, including Momentum True Wireless 1, Momentum Wireless 3, and Ambeo Soundbar was born when Sennheiser launched Momentum True Wireless 2, people were not too surprised about the price it brought and doubted about its quality, what people were wondering is “Compared to MTW 1, how is it and whether it’s worth buying the upgrade or not ”.

Remember for what purpose you are looking for new headphones, in this Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 review we have mentioned 4 headphones because they are the 4 headphones that we like and use them for other purposes and actually, it can’t overlap with each other, and MTW is pure music.


Of course, the first thing is that it is good, rather excellent, or that MTW itself has done a very amazing job that it is far ahead of its rivals in making the best true wireless earbuds 2020.

When the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 is placed in our hands, the first sensation is doubtful because we think that at times the MTW 2 will work on fixing the older version, adding more batteries. But the sound of the MTW 2 is different from that of the MTW 1, the difference was easily recognized when first listening to one normal hearing. He insisted that MTW 2 sounded better, but couldn’t really say why.

MTW 2 is an ideal version for MTW 1 and it completely changes the music space and the trend is clearly better. The music space is very loud and thick, the soundstage is like an extremely neat, everything is available in our hands and the sound is like you can.

The MTW 2 has the same speaker hardware as the MTW 1 but is great for building next-gen earbuds, not only adjusting the bass and treble but also changing its image. The sound of the music space, to be more precise, completely changes the perspective of the music you listen to. MTW 2 shows that listening to any music will no longer be ordinary.

While listening to MTW 1 you can see that you are completely surrounded by the singer, and all-around is MTW 2, making you feel like you are standing at the top of the stage of a live show with thousands of viewers. Or you will feel that you are in an orchestra room which is full of audience and we still feel its grandeur. MTW 2 brings brighter and more epic music than MTW 1, we feel it because we’ve been to see a lot of live shows and artists so we feel very clearly that How MTW 2 changed the music and the effect was very positive. Because it provides a more realistic, epic musical experience, it also makes it much easier for you to visualize the scene and immerse yourself in the concert.

EDM fans will feel better with the new MTW 2’s bass, not the kind of faked bass that loud the extra bass only, and who doesn’t appreciate real music. A piece of vocal music itself was very melodic, it only seemed like we were about to fall, when we tried the lyrical playlist, it sounds sad, but the voice from MTW 2 is clear and very spacious.

We choose music that is rich in images, modern and which we think is detailed, rich in details so that we can hear each type of sound in it, of course with this description, a lot of you would say that you can’t compare with more expensive AudioPhile headphones is true, but you don’t really listen to AudioPhile headphones on the road, in the train, or at school.

If you want to see it better, this is similar to the sound space that you get to see in an IMAX theater, just now you will hear IMAX-style music. With MTW 1, it was a room with carefully arranged musical seats, but with MTW 2, rooms have now had wider, much more comfortable seats between each instrument and the vocalist, so the sound will be louder.

Now we’ll talk about the specific changes where MTW 1 gives you a feeling of immersion, like sticking to an actual chair and while the MTW 2 gives you water slide. It’s like you’re standing in the live music space, it pulls in to help you enjoy the music, despite the fact that you are lying down. Or sit anywhere, you just close your eyes and you always feel that there is a stage in front of you, the sound comes from every side, like waves, exactly the sound that MTW 2 brings.

Bass: Very thick, it has the same thickness as the MTW 1 but is now more compact, bouncing, pushed slightly higher. MTW 1 makes the bass thicker and darker, while the MTW2 will make you feel a little bouncy, enough to make you feel excited. It pulls it vibrates with each beat of the drum, it makes you more refreshed than immersed, it promotes quite a positive feeling.

MID: It’s not much different from MTW 1, but it’s different in terms of the image because the soundstage is now more expansive, so the MID has enough space to show it, it dominates, it reaches for you, the MTW 2’s MID gives us a cool, and bright feel.

Treble: the treble of MTW 2 is like the crest of a wave, a wave that moves slowly if it reaches the peak, a new wave is born. It is more improved than MTW 1. Many of you have heard of audiophile headphones with super good treble, it’s like a wave peak in the middle of the deep blue sea, and MTW 2’s treble is the peak of the waves on a beautiful beach.

Compare with other Earbuds:

If you are a Sennheiser Fan, whether you have MTW 1 or not, you should actually buy MTW 2, it will complete your collection.

If you are looking for a good true wireless headset to listen to music that is neat to carry around and surprises you, then please do not regret the money with the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, the price is high but it is guaranteed to buy and you will feel worth every penny.

If you are hesitating between Airpods Pro, we would say this in terms of the level of music, there is no way to compare Airpods Pro with MTW 2.

Listen to Apple’s or other headphones, so when we say that the MTW 2 is far ahead of the Airpods Pro, so it should not be compared to the other segment earbuds.

Final line:

Truly wireless earbuds do command a price premium, but Sennheiser takes this to another level with the Momentum True Wireless 2. At $299.95 can be purchased through the and shops, these headphones are more expensive than anything else we’ve tested recently by a fair margin including AUKEY EP-T10 or Galaxy Buds+. However, that much money does buy you excellent sound and makes these earbuds the best-sounding option in the truly wireless category that we’ve had a chance to test.

If you’re willing to pay a premium, want the convenience of this fit and style, and want to feel as good as possible on sound quality, then the Sennheiser should be your top pick in this segment. The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 is a rare example of an Earbud that doesn’t sacrifice too much sound quality for this form factor.

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