Samsung QLED TV and The Frame TV series goes Official in Paris

Samsung has chosen the Paris city to present its QLED TV and The Frame line-up globally. The venue choice for the event at the Carrousel du Louvre, and according to Samsung, the company focus on the Lifestyle TV concept, represented by two works of arts, the Samsung QLED TV and The Frame.  3953922_P2

The Samsung New TVs 2017 series were aimed to satisfy three interests of the customers through the solutions known as Q Picture, Q Smart and Q Style. With regard to The Frame, an innovative TV design from Samsung has again worked with the Swiss designer Yves Behar. Let’s see the Specifications of the products with more details below:

Q Picture

All Samsung QLED TV are used Quantum Dot technology, but this is a different solution than the one implemented in the Samsung SUHD TV 2016 series has used new materials: specifically speaking of new metal quantum dots that can significantly improve the performance in terms of picture quality, viewing angle, color volume, brightness and bold contrast.  3953913_P10

Samsung says that the QLED TV are able to reproduce 100% of the color volume of the DCI-P3 (certified by VDE – Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker), In terms of brightness of the QLED TV guarantee 1500-2000 cd/m2 – nit (depending on model).

One of the main changes introduced by the new Samsung TV regards the ‘viewing angle’. Create LCD TV that can be viewed from decentralized locations is always a tough task. The problem is particularly present on the VA-type panels, those used by Samsung on high-end products because of the advantages in the reproduction of black and therefore also in terms of contrast. 3953918_P5

New Samsung QLED TV should solve precisely this limit, going to significantly expand the viewing angle. During the CES event the technical explanation was not given, however, on how the objective was achieved. The improvements reported by Samsung are tied to the pixel structure. The provision of the sub-pixels present in QSD TV is not of the traditional type RGB (with three sub-pixels, red, green and blue for each pixel). The solution used in it is some way quite similar to that Sharp employed on some models. The structure of each pixel is called Dual Pixel Structure.

Q Style

This year, Samsung introduced new design elements that can fit into any home – regardless of the interior aesthetics or setup. 3945329_samsungqledtv-2

The changes made by Samsung start from all new “Invisible Connection” cable that connects the TV and the external box that contains the electronics and connectors. The fiber optic cable is 1.8 mm thick and is transparent. Therefore, it is very easy to conceal from your view-site and helps to keep the installation neat and clean.  3953919_P4

As for wall placement, Samsung has also introduced the No Gap Wall-mount which brings the TV flush against the wall, closer than ever before, with a 15-minute installation process. The QLED TV also allows you to choose various stylish Samsung TV stands. In addition to the classic Studio Stand is an ideal accompaniment for any artist-inspired living space, and with the Gravity Stand, the TV can be rotated easily and allows for optimal viewing at any angle.

Q Smart

The “Smart Hub” interface has been improved to provide a more intuitive and immediate. The first element is to renew the Samsung One Remote Control. The black color remote has been replaced by a silver color unit, with a metallic finish. The arrangement of keys has no special modifications. The number of buttons is always kept to a minimum and there is a built-in microphone for voice commands. Using the remote control you can now handle a greater number of devices and also has the ability to control Smart TV features.  3945330_samsungqledtv-3

The new models have also been established such functions, including “Sports”, “Music” and “TV Plus”. The user can see all the data within a single page, without having to scroll through various menus and without having to follow different television channels. The contents offered vary according to the partner with whom the Korean giant has partnered.

Music provides a function similar to Shazam. The TV can indeed recognize the tracks played in television programs. They also provide advice in the “Preview” of the Smart Hub to entice users to discover new songs. The partners for the Music service include Spotify, iHeartRadio, Napster, Deezer, Sirius XM, Vevo, Melon and Bugs. TV Plus, finally, offers the possibility to access streaming premium content. The service is integrated with a new EPG (electronic program guide) and the content will be channeled through agreements with partners such as Fandango and Rakuten. Through the ‘Smart View app’, available for iOS and Android, you can also scroll all streaming service contents and on linear channels. With one touch start your playback on TV, basically what Google allows you to do with Chromecast.

The Frame TV

The QLED are not the only novelties presented by Samsung in the field of television. The other set shown takes the name of The Frame and was curated with an artful approach meant to elevate any room or viewing environment. Based on the new innovative technology, The Frame looks like a picture frame hanging on a wall when ‘Art Mode’ is on. id564248

Users can choose their favorite digital artwork directly from the TV screen. There are more than 100 art pieces divided into 10 different categories – including landscape, architecture, wildlife, action, drawing and more – to choose from, it is sure to please every design preference.

The Frame TV series also paired with the numerous options for art layouts and colors, as well as customizable accessory options including interchangeable bezels and an optional Studio Stand, it truly complements the user’s living space. It is also available with the “Invisible Connection” cable and “No Gap Wall-mount”, so as to facilitate the installation and an aesthetically satisfying result. 3953917_P6

The Frame TV series will be available in 55″ and 65″ screen sizes and is equipped with a sensor that detects the presence of people in front of the screen: in this way may turn off when not detecting any presence in the room. All new Samsung OLED TV release date and prices are not yet available.


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