Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Full Review

This year, Samsung again creates storm with a new generation version of Notes. Not only equipped with the most powerful configuration, the design of the Galaxy Note 4 also is spectacular.

The Galaxy Note product line has created a new trend with a large screen from the year before. Not just a great design, also has a lot of cool features, useful to help users more easily manipulated, especially when used with S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

It has a lot of competitors in the large-screen segment smartphone like LG with LG Optimus G Pro, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, However HTC One effect of customer and revenue models can not pass on the large shadow of Note line. And in these appearances, Samsung continues to present phablet like phone with a Galaxy Note 4, beautiful design and more luxurious styles. For now, we have a full review of this amazing smartphone.


If you’ve ever had the opportunity to hold Galaxy Alpha, We guarantee you that the Galaxy Note will show a big version device, with beveled aluminum frame is nice and sharp. In addition, the Samsung also boxy device than its predecessors, because it combines the material with new designs, Galaxy Note 4 hard times than the iPhone 6 Plus. But in return you will feel the crisp design to hold. The remaining details of this phone also meticulous as the increase or decrease the volume keys, power key, microphone hole and headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Like the iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung has increased the screen is highlighted more than another. The area of ​​contact between the screen and the edge is not really associated too optimistic, creating a gap that looks little cozy. Samsung screen is slightly more stylized with tiny lines not completely empty as competitors iPhone 6 Plus.

Inherited the essence of Note 3, Note 4 still has the ability to remove the back cover so that users can easily replace the battery. The lid back cover is also made from plastic material designed leather looks so so soft, compared with Note 3 it looks smoother and back panel did not stick to hands. Next is cameras with LED flashlights, logo and speaker, this is a traditional layout of Samsung.


It seems that 5.7 inch size is more than enough for a hybrid of mobile or tablets, so it does not raise the size, but instead Galaxy Note 4 configurations are extremely remarkable. And the screen is no exception, Note 4 equipped with a Super AMOLED QHD display with a resolution of up to 2560×1440 pixels, which has provided Note 4 pixel density 500 pixels on each inch.

Indeed Galaxy Note 4 does not disappoint us with vivid color display with ultra-clear detail. Even when you zoom the screen, the video does not appear broken, but it was smooth and not occurs any frame lag. When compared to its predecessor Galaxy Note 3, saturation of Note 4 is slightly less.


Both front and back camera of Galaxy Note 4 upgrades righteous than its predecessor Note 3, with 16MP resolution, integrated optical stabilizer function. Meanwhile, front-facing camera 3.7 MP with up to aperture f/1.9, which provides the ability to capture images at wide angle when the pair first three images together. Also, you can use the front camera to capture images, quite handy for those who like selfie pictures.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Although the resolution is equivalent to the camera on the Galaxy S5, but the camera on the Galaxy Note 4 16 spots are a bit more, more prominent in both the focusing speed and shutter speed. However, the picture is still blurred in some cases. With HDR, we appreciate the efforts of Samsung with the ability to optimize between hardware and software, can help make a better picture, display color is more realistic. Besides, we cannot fail to mention the valuable additions in Galaxy Note 4 to the OIS optical stabilization technology, this feature will help you to reduce the blur of photos and videos.

In dark conditions, the image quality of the Galaxy Note 4 is better than its predecessor Note 3, but that still does not prevent the state from interfering particles, but still more stable compared with the average a higher number of current level smartphones. And when the flash LED lights use, the output image is not too bright, it still ensures detailed objects. Samsung equipped with plenty of shooting features for Galaxy Note 4, highlights of which include the ability to process face expression while taking pictures, shooting very interesting with this camera and many more other functions.

For the front camera, Samsung upgraded from 3.7MP to 2.1MP in Note 3 to Note 4, the output of images really very sharp. In addition to learning the features from some other manufacturers, such as white skin, the photo quality is not really impressive, especially when selfie in low light conditions. Front camera also features wide angle shots, making three frames in one pair is not very user friendly, little difficult to use.


With 3GB of RAM, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have power for better multitasking, the applications are compact and move the screen quite easily with simple operation is to keep the angle of the screen and push down, looks very intuitive and very similar to the Windows interface. This feature is useful to work with a number of applications such as calling, texting, Facebook programming. And when you want to collapse the area of ​​the active application multitasking this, it will show Head style interface similar to Facebook Chat.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

S Pen:

One of the indispensable components in Galaxy Note 4 is the S-Pen full of magic. Not only provides S-Pen stylus of Note 4 more smart features like Smart Select, S-Pen as Mouse, Snap Note. This magical pen also seemed nimble and agile than the Note 3, more specifically, drawing and writing of the S-Pen stylus in Note 4 is very sharp.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

S-Pen as Mouse is one of the great resources of the S-Pen stylus with the ability to scan and select the text characters very smooth. Or Smart Select helps users select and cut the content on the screen and convert them through many different screens, rather than a single display content. Finally, Note Snap feature can help you transfer the images into text for editing. Some other familiar features of Galaxy Note 4 as fingerprint sensor, heart rate sensor, UV sensor, enabling users to manage their health better when exposed under the sun.

Battery Life:

As mentioned, the Galaxy Note 4 possesses the most amazing configured now with Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip and Exynos 5433 processors, including Cortex A57 with 1.9GHz and Cortex A53 with 1.3GHz octa-core processor. With this configuration, you will not be afraid to run any application, even very fast retrieval. However, it still appears when exiting latency intensive applications, this is something that most Android devices are experiencing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Although the ultra definition screen, but still Note 4 only provides 3.220mAh battery capacities. To offset this range, Samsung equipped with ‘super battery saver’ taken from the Galaxy S5. In addition, Galaxy Note 4 also features fast charging up to 50% in just half an hour.

When actual experience, the phone can operate with heavy manipulation within a day as social networking and web surfing with wifi constantly taking pictures. And when used by a normal user, Note 4 can survive for more than 2 days.

Speaker of Note 4 phone show quite good compared to Note 3, the sound is big and clear, of course it is not possible with the technology package which BoomSound hit on HTC One M8, but with a mobile device is probable this is more than enough.


Samsung did not disappoint fans with the innovative Galaxy Note 4, from design to material. Samsung note 4 achieve maximum results at hometown, sold out after only 4 days.

If you eliminate the difficulties when using the large screen phone, the Galaxy Note 4 would be a great choice for you. It has luxurious design, strong configuration and many advanced technology combined with S Pen -Pen. In India, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to go on sale in mid-October at a price around Rupees. 56,000.

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