Samsung Galaxy A02s Camera Review: Triple Sensors Done Wonders

Amidst the hustle and bustle of a dynamic city, we found a small quiet corner to take some pictures with our Samsung A02s camera. Let’s see how we have taken photos in this Samsung Galaxy A02s camera review.

Samsung A02s Review

Samsung Galaxy A02s Camera Specs

As always, before looking at the picture, we should check the camera specs of the Samsung A02s, it has a Triple camera module:

  • Main camera (wide angle): 13MP resolution, f/2.2 aperture
  • Macro camera: 2MP resolution, f/2.4 aperture
  • Depth Camera: 2MP resolution, f/2.4 aperture

At first glance, we also know that this camera parameter is not excellent, so we went to take pictures with a very gentle mind, but tried to capture good photos for our readers.

Samsung A02s Review

With the current growth rate, the city is littered with tall buildings, all big and small buildings interconnected. But somewhere, there are still old apartment buildings, marked by the dust of time, and with traces of rain.

Over the weekend, when we looked at the old apartment block, but couldn’t hold back, we had just received the new Samsung A02s the day before to take some photos.

These habitats, which have existed for almost half a century, have been inhabited for several generations, some remaining, some still attached. No 48MP or 64MP sensor is required, just a 13MP sensor of the Galaxy A02s is sufficient to describe in detail the lives of the residents in residence.

Samsung A02s Review

Here we have published some of our favorite photos of that day of shooting. We are not following a certain layout, but there are also tangled cables in photos, which reflect the lives of citizens.

Even though we are out on the road in the afternoon, the sun is not harsh, but on the contrary, it is soft enough to take pictures. One thing we often think of is that photos don’t come good in the dark, but the Samsung A02s can capture light well in places where the light is not good, therefore in post-production you do not need to increase or decrease the darkness for photos.

Winter is running, flowers are blooming, some greenery is also covered, little red, little yellow are changing many colors. Another year has passed, the tree plants have grown a bit, but the lives of the citizens here continued quietly.

Samsung A02s Review

Taking pictures of the old residence, we also took pictures of the sky, clouds, water, and people walking. That day, with the Galaxy A02s’s camera, we captured the simple form of life of ordinary people. With a depth sensor, the A02s can easily blur the background. Identifying and focusing on the right subject helped us capture beautiful pictures of the road.

We also climbed the flyover, using the camera’s wide-angle mode, we easily captured the entire street and surrounding views. The traffic is sparse, the scenery is quieter.

We like the view of the river quite a lot. The pace of life in photos is very slow, very quiet. The Galaxy A02s does well in the landscape, but the details in the distance are somewhat blurry, but for us, it’s enough to capture what we need.

Samsung A02s Review

Move the camera to the sky to capture the tree canopy under the sky. The photo was backlit, so the canopy was completely flat, but the picture came out very well.

Around some places, it also comes when the sunset is slowly falling behind buildings. So we took some nice sunset pictures, standing on the embankment.

A peaceful day came to an end with this lovely, romantic moment of these two friends.

The sky was not blue that day, the clouds were not white that day, the sun was not yellow that day, but on that day we captured many amazing photos using Samsung Galaxy A02s.

Final line

To be fair, we can’t call the photos taken from the Samsung Galaxy A02s excellent, but it’s also impossible to criticize. From the moment we started photographing, we were surprised to see the good quality of the image, good light capture, and eye-catching colors.

There is a great compliment to this phone because you will get the Samsung A02s on at $168.97, and on at $149.99. Which is $30 less than the Galaxy A12, whose camera review can also be seen here.

When we first saw the aperture of f / 2.2 (currently quite small), we were afraid that the image would see dark and pale, but the results were better than expected. Perhaps Samsung slowed down the shutter to capture the light better?

Samsung Galaxy A02s also supports Zoom. By default, the camera will be in wide-angle mode (the first time we saw it on a Samsung phone), keep this in mind when taking a shot.

Talking about the macro camera, perhaps due to the small sensor and small aperture, we did not like the image quality, we did not find it satisfactory at all.

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