Rokinon Xeen CF 135mm T2.2: Addition to the cine lens family

Rokinon Optics is expanding the existing “XEEN CF” product line at the upper end of the focal length with a sixth prime lens with a telephoto focal length of 135mm, which is relatively strong for cine lenses. Rokinon Xeen CF 135mm T2.2 cinema lens is designed for full-frame sensors, comes in three mounts: ARRI PL, Canon EF, Sony E, and has a carbon fiber construction.

Rokinon Xeen CF 135mm T2.2

The XEEN CF series, which distinguishes itself from the other XEEN cine lenses with its body made of carbon fiber (CF) elements as its external feature, now includes a total of six of the most commonly used focal lengths: 16mm T2, 6, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5, 85mm T1.5 and now the 135mm T2.2.

Like all previous lenses, the 135mm with T2.2 also offers a high light intensity and covers sensor sizes up to full format, which is based on the photographic 35mm format and is larger than the classic 35mm cinema film format. The new lens brings the image quality of the XEEN CF series, which is appreciated by users.

Like the entire lens family, the new XEEN CF 135mm T2.2 supports the large image sensors of the latest film cameras. It is also easily compatible with devices such as drones and gimbals, allowing for flexible device deployment.

Rokinon XEEN CF 135mm T2.2 features:

Rokinon Xeen CF 135mm T2.2

Carbon Fiber – Compact and Flexible: The lens barrel is made of carbon fiber (CF), which is lighter than metal but still strong and beautiful. It keeps the lens light and very robust at the same time. The use of carbon fibers not only ensures low weight and durability at the same time but also gives the lens an additional touch of luxury through its design. It was designed to be relatively small and light in weight so that it can be mounted on numerous cameras and used more flexibly in a variety of environments.

8K and cinematic look: The optics have an excellent resolution that supports a large image sensor and 8K resolution. In addition, the optics offers beautiful bokeh with a T2.2 aperture and maximizes people’s delicate emotions while richly depicting the shot.

X-Coating: Rokinon’s proprietary X-Coating technology controls light reflection within the lens and within the lens itself to create a distinctive look. With the right use of flare and ghosting, you can achieve dramatic effects.

High Ease of Use: The size and positions of the front filter ring (95mm), focus, and aperture ring are unified, making it easy to attach and detach lens accessories such as the lens. B. Focusing Screen and Follow Focus make it easy and convenient. In addition, the lettering in ultra-bright neon lettering allows for convenient use in dark environments.

Price and availability

The Rokinon Xeen CF 135mm T2.2 can be ordered now on the store with a delivery time of approximately 2-4 weeks from receipt of the order. The price is $1,995.

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