Asus ROG Flow X16 2023 Review: Step into the Next Generation

The Asus ROG Flow X16 2023 touchscreen gaming laptop emerges as a magnified rendition, encompassing enhancements in size, screen dimensions, configuration, and battery capacity, compared to its predecessor, the highly acclaimed ROG Flow X13 (REVIEW). Despite their indistinguishable appearances owing to their shared design language, both iterations boast an abundance of power meticulously packed within a remarkably compact form factor. However, from our perspective, it fails to exude the same level of allure and leave an impression as impactful as its predecessor, the ROG Flow X13, managed to achieve. Let us delve deeper into this ROG Flow X16 2023 review for further insights.

Asus ROG Flow X16 2023 review

ROG Flow X16 2023 Review


As mentioned above, the ROG Flow X16 shares an almost identical design with its enlarged counterpart, the ROG Flow X13, boasting an elegant metal frame with a sleek finish. The hinge exhibits a robust construction, ensuring durability throughout the entire body. Despite its commendable thinness and lightness compared to its configuration, the Asus Rog Flow touchscreen laptop fails to elicit the same level of awe as its predecessor, the ROG Flow X13, renowned for its powerful CPU and decent GPU, perfectly suited for light image processing, design, and video editing while prioritizing portability.

Asus ROG Flow X16 2023 review

With a weight of 2.2kg, there are quite a few good options available, such as the 16-inch MacBook Pro, while many gaming or workstation laptop models exhibit similar or insignificantly higher weights.

Asus ROG Flow X16 2023 review

This relatively weighty 16-inch laptop, featuring rotation, folding capabilities, and touch functionality, may appeal to individuals engaged in regular tasks that necessitate drawing, sketching ideas, and refining them all on a single device. However, for those who value cleanliness, it’s worth noting that placing a hand on the screen could leave fingerprints, which may prove bothersome to the fastidious.

The ROG Flow X16 2023 is equipped with an exceptional 4-speaker system that delivers remarkable sound quality, characterized by distinct bass, treble, and impressive volume levels. When it comes to movie viewing, this device excels, particularly when paired with high-quality movie subscriptions or downloaded files of superior quality. It truly enhances the cinematic experience to a great extent.


Undoubtedly, one of the most noteworthy aspects of the ROG Flow X16 2023 lies in its profitability. Boasting a 16-inch display with a 16:10 aspect ratio, a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, a Mini LED panel, and an impressive 240Hz refresh rate, the visual experience on the ROG Flow X16 2023 is truly exceptional.

Asus ROG Flow X16 2023 review

Every aspect related to brightness, clarity, contrast, and color reproduction caters to the demands of even the most meticulous users, rivaling the performance of the current 16-inch MacBook Pro. This laptop seamlessly fulfills the requirements of graphics and photo editing, especially concerning high color precision.

However, in terms of the 240Hz refresh rate, it may be a bit excessive considering that the ROG Flow X16 is not primarily designed for gaming. A refresh rate of 144Hz or 165Hz would suffice for a satisfactory gaming experience. Even opting for a slightly lower refresh rate, such as 90Hz or 120Hz, ensures consistent frame rates without placing excessive strain on the battery.

Furthermore, as a foldable laptop, it naturally supports touch functionality and includes a stylus (although we only had the opportunity to borrow the device for this ROG Flow X16 2023 review). We anticipate that the stylus experience will be on par with that of the Flow X13, thus providing an overall commendable user experience. Nevertheless, it’s worth considering the practicality of holding or placing a 2.2kg laptop on a table while writing, drawing, or using the stylus. While our personal needs may not necessitate such functionality, some likely individuals would find it beneficial.

Asus ROG Flow X16 2023 review

Besides, this is a folding laptop, so of course it supports touch and has a pen included (however, we could only borrow the device to make this ROG Flow X16 2023 review). We think the pen experience will be similar to the Flow X13, so in general, everything is at a pretty good level. But again we have to think about holding (or even putting on the table) a 2.2kg laptop to write and draw, our needs are almost untouched but someone will probably need it.

ROG Flow X16 2023 specifications

  • Operating System: Windows 11 Home
  • CPU: 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900H Processor 2.6 GHz (24M Cache, up to 5.4 GHz, 14
  • cores: 6 P-cores and 8 E-cores)
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 / 4060 8GB GDDR6 Laptop GPU, ROG Boost: 2030MHz* at 120W (1980MHz Boost Clock+50MHz OC, 100W+20W Dynamic Boost)
  • Memory: 16GB DDR5-4800 SO-DIMM x 2, Up to 64GB
  • Storage: 1TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe M. 2 SSD
  • Display: 16-inch QHD+ 16:10 (2560 x 1600, WQXGA) Mini LED ROG Nebula HDR Display, DCI-P3 100%, touch screen, 240Hz refresh rate, 3ms response time, Adaptive-Sync, Pantone Validated, MUX Switch + Optimus, Dolby Vision HDR
  • Ports: 1x 3.5 mm Combo Audio Jack, 1x HDMI 2.1 FRL support HDMI switch, 2x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A, 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C support DisplayPort / power delivery / G-SYNC, 1x Type-C USB 4 supports display/power charging / Thunderbolt 4, 1x ROG XG Mobile port
  • Camera: 1080P FHD IR Camera for Windows Hello
  • Audio: Smart Amp Technology, Dolby Atmos, AI noise-canceling technology, Hi-Res certification, Support Microsoft Cortana near field/Far field, Built-in 3-microphone array, 4-speaker system with Smart Amplifier Technology,
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6E( 802.11 ax) (Triple band) 2*2 + Bluetooth 5.2
  • Battery: 90WHrs, 4S1P, 4-cell Li-ion, 280W AC Adapter
  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 24.3 x 1.94 ~ 2.19 cm
  • Weight: 2.20 Kg / 4.85 lbs


Hence, when it comes to the CPU, this laptop boasts one of the most powerful chips currently available for laptops. In our ROG Flow X16 2023 review unit, we find the recently released RTX 4060 GPU. Running CPU-Z benchmarks, the Intel Core i9-13900H outperforms the desktop Intel Core i9-11900K, providing substantial evidence of this laptop’s exceptional power.

Asus ROG Flow X16 2023 review

However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, you can discover many laptops with similar CPUs at considerably lower prices. Secondly, the graphics processing performance of the RTX 4060 on this laptop is not significantly stronger than that of the RTX 3060, especially considering the limitations in heat dissipation, TGP, and power supply within the ROG Flow X16 (2023). With a combined TGP of only 240, shared between the CPU and GPU, it may not be sufficient for full-load usage. Therefore, the investment in this laptop likely lies more in its design aspects.

Asus ROG Flow X16 2023 review

The primary distinction of the RTX 4060 lies in having an additional 2GB of VRAM and DLSS 3, although not all games support DLSS 3, making it difficult to discern a noticeable difference. While it’s evident that the ROG Flow X16 is primarily geared toward work rather than gaming, the RTX 4060 does not exhibit significantly greater power compared to the RTX 3060. However, when compared to the RTX 3070, it falls short in various aspects. Currently, the Adobe suite offers robust support for discrete GPUs, and even programs like Photoshop and Lightroom make good use of the GPU. Consequently, a configuration featuring the 12th generation i7 or i9 along with the RTX 3070 Ti can still provide a notable performance boost for the ROG Flow X16 (2023).

Having analyzed the specifications, let us now proceed to the actual testing phase to verify the accuracy of the aforementioned analysis.

ROG Flow X16 2023 review test

Let’s explore the CPU performance scores using various benchmarking software:

Asus ROG Flow X16 2023 review

In Cinebench R23, the ROG Flow X16 achieves nearly 19,000 points in multi-core and 2,000 points in single-core, surpassing the i9-12900H by around 2,500 to 3,000 points.

Asus ROG Flow X16 2023 review

When running Shadow of the Tomb Raider at Full HD with High settings, the results are even lower compared to the Legion 5 Pro 16ARH7H version with an RTX 3060 (140W).

Asus ROG Flow X16 2023 review

In PUBG at Full HD with Ultra settings, the average FPS ranges from 120 to 140, which is on par with the Legion 5 Pro 16ARH7H with an RTX 3060.

Asus ROG Flow X16 2023 review

The 3DMark Time Spy score exhibits a significant improvement compared to the RTX 3060, with an increase of approximately 1,000 points.

Based on these results, it is evident that the earlier speculations regarding the mentioned parameters are accurate. The ROG Flow X16 excels primarily in CPU performance, while its graphics performance remains average. It is best suited for users engaged in CPU-intensive tasks that require only moderate GPU performance. Alternatively, it caters to those seeking a powerful CPU for work purposes, with occasional gaming as an additional benefit.

The ROG Flow X16 also features an XG Mobile port for connecting a discrete GPU. However, we find this solution less appealing. If the Flow X13 were equipped with a 40W GPU, the scenario would be completely different, as attaching a powerful GPU to the ROG Flow X16 would significantly enhance its capabilities. Spending nearly $1,000 on such a combination seems unlikely.

One notable advantage of the ROG Flow X16 2023 lies in its commendable heat dissipation. When the fans operate at maximum speed, you can feel a substantial intake of air near the keyboard. However, the noise level is relatively high. If you prefer a quieter laptop, you may need to accept slightly lower performance or be prepared for increased heat. Nevertheless, if you intend to use this laptop for gaming, it is not recommended due to its lack of cost-effectiveness, optimization, and the tendency to heat up after prolonged gaming sessions exceeding 30 minutes.

Asus ROG Flow X16 2023 review

When working with Premiere, the overall performance may not be as impressive as the Legion 5 with a Core i7-12700H and RTX 3060, as the current software heavily relies on GPU utilization.

Of course, the attractive features of the ROG Flow X16 2023 extend beyond its configuration. Let’s now delve into the pricing factors associated with this laptop.

Battery life

It is important to keep your expectations in check when it comes to laptops equipped with Intel CPUs. Despite boasting a substantial 90Wh battery capacity, the usage time is relatively limited. In balanced mode, you can anticipate around 3-4 hours of usage. Switching to a 60Hz refresh rate and energy-saving settings, along with moderate screen brightness, will extend the usage time to approximately 5-6 hours when engaged in light office tasks. This issue is prevalent among high-performance laptops that utilize Intel CPUs.

Final line

The ASUS ROG Flow X16 (2023) stands out as a distinctive and captivating laptop, particularly due to its remarkable screen, high-quality speaker system, excellent touchpad keyboard, powerful performance, and an array of impressive features. However, these advantages come at a higher price point, and the inclusion of touch, rotation, and folding capabilities may not necessarily cater to the needs of the majority.

Unless you have a clear understanding of your specific requirements and are aware of what you truly need, it might be worth considering other ASUS ROG models or laptops with more traditional designs. These alternatives often offer superior performance at a lower cost. For tasks such as writing and drawing, utilizing dedicated drawing boards or tablets proves to be more cost-effective and practical compared to directly writing and drawing on a 16-inch laptop.

Price and availability

The Asus ROG Flow X16 2023 model, equipped with the powerful Intel i9-13900H processor and GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card, can be found listed on popular online platforms such as,, and The starting price for this variant begins at $3,149.

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