Repairing a Broken Mac Trackpad: A How-To Guide

Apple products are some of the most popular devices on the market today. After all, it’s fairly common to walk down the street in a major city and see that nearly every other person has an iPhone in their hands. When it comes to computers, Mac devices are also similarly popular. In the event that your Mac trackpad no longer functions correctly, there are steps you can take in order to repair it on your own.

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Why Do Mac Trackpads Stop Working?

In general, there are two primary reasons why a Mac trackpad stops working.

The most common culprit is hardware damage. This typically occurs when you spill water on the device, drop it from a substantial height, etc.

However, software corruption can also contribute to this issue. In some circumstances, the software that is responsible for controlling the position of your mouse may not function correctly.

As a result, your trackpad may not work even though there is nothing wrong with your actual computer hardware.

How Can I Fix It?

It might seem difficult to repair your trackpad. This is especially due to the fact that you may not be able to use your computer if the trackpad does not work correctly.

Before you get started, you may need to connect a mouse to your device if you have one available. This will make navigating through the computer much easier.

Update Your Operating System

Interestingly, it’s possible to resolve a broken trackpad issue by updating your operating system. As previously mentioned, software problems are sometimes the reason why this piece of hardware doesn’t work.

Software updates can be downloaded for free directly through Apple. You simply need to navigate to your System Preferences and then select Software Update. If this doesn’t work, you can move on to the next step.

Reset the Trackpad on Your Mac

To reset your trackpad, navigate to System Preferences and then click Trackpad. In this window, navigate to the Point & Click tab.

You can then adjust your trackpad settings as needed. You might also discover that your device is attempting to connect to a nearby Bluetooth mouse or trackpad.

This scenario could cause a situation where your trackpad no longer works since your computer is attempting to use external devices instead to move the mouse.

In the event that experimenting with these settings does not fix the issue, there are still other methods you can try.

Mac trackpad not clicking? You can visit this resource for a solution.

Boot Your Mac in Safe Mode

Booting up your device in Safe Mode is a common fix to many different problems. This allows your computer to overcome directory issues within your start-up disk.

To get started, shut down your Mac computer. Then, hold the Shift key on your keyboard as you turn it on. When the login window appears, released the Shift key. You can then restart your Mac once more.

What you’re looking for here is whether or not your Mac trackpad functions correctly in Safe Mode. If it does, this likely means that there is an issue with third-party software while running your computer outside of Safe Mode.

If this is the case, you may need to uninstall that particular application in order for your trackpad to work correctly again. It’s also recommended that you fully remove the programs files from your computer and don’t simply delete the application icon.

Reset the NVRAM

This term refers to “non-volatile access memory.” This is a part of your disk that temporarily stores application information in order to operate faster.

There is a chance that resetting this memory could solve your trackpad issues. It involves a similar process to booting your Mac in Safe Mode.

First, shutdown your computer. After you turn it on, immediately press the Option, Command, P, and R keys simultaneously. After waiting approximately 20 seconds, you can release these keys.

If performed correctly, your Mac should automatically restart.

Take a Look at Your Power Adapter

Using damaged or third-party power adapters could sometimes cause your computer to behave incorrectly. Although fairly uncommon, a power adapter that is not functioning correctly could have an adverse impact on your trackpad’s responsiveness.

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to see if this is the case. All you need to do is unplug your power adapter and check if this resolves the issue.

If so, it’s highly recommended to purchase an official Apple power adapter to prevent this problem from occurring again in the future.

Run Apple Diagnostics

Apple Diagnostics is a built-in program that checks for many common issues on your device. In order for it to function correctly, you will need to disconnect every external device except a power adapter or mouse.

After shutting down your MacBook, turn it on while holding the D key on your keyboard. After a screen appears that asks you to choose your language, release the key.

This will then cause a progress bar to appear, indicating that Apple Diagnostics is scanning your device. If a particular issue is found, you will be given a reference code.

The codes NDR001, NDR003, and NDR004 are related to trackpad problems. You can then contact Apple Support and provide them with this information.

Fixing a Mac Trackpad on Your Own Might Seem Difficult

The above guide will help ensure that this process goes as smoothly as it should. Afterward, there’s a good chance that your Mac trackpad will be as good as new you can get back to using your device as intended.

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