Quilter Aviator Cub: 3 Fender Classics in one Combo Amp

Imagine that you could cover three legendary voicings in one very portable combo music amplifier and at the same time bring enough power with you that there is enough for gigs and rehearsals. The Quilter Aviator Cub guitar amplifier could become your comparatively inexpensive companion. You just have to know one thing: there is no tube involved. Does that still matter at all?

Quilter Aviator Cub music Amplifier

We know Quilter amps from the bass area with amp and pedal, but has already presented something in terms of a guitar amplifier and that is not only something to be seen but also to be heard. The big problem with guitarists and amps is that transistor amps used to sound like a habit. Even today there are still cucumbers that are not worth their PCBs. But then some manufacturers go all out and create music amplifier that cannot be distinguished in terms of sound.

Quilter is one of the manufacturers we would certify that transistor amps produce good sounds. But hear for yourself.

The newest combo amp is a 1x 12“ in the lower price range. There is a 50-watt power amplifier in it, which can also be used completely mute for recordings. The speaker comes from Eminence – sounds like a solid selection.

There are three amps or voicings in this Quilter amp: Tweed, Blonde, and Black. You have probably already recognized it, it is all Fender amps that have made history. Specifically, the sounds are based on a 1960 tweet, 1962 blonde, and 1965 blackface with their peculiarities. The authentic tube power amplifier is missing, but we think that the sound is recognizable in the videos below. Everything else has to be felt in the personal test and maybe the speaker’s emulation on the line-out is equal.

Quilter Aviator Cub music Amplifier

In addition to controls for gain and speaker volume (master), Quilter also has a 3-band EQ, adjustable limiter, FX loop, reverb control, and Sig Vol for line out and headphones. That could be a very official powerhouse. It’s just a shame that the inputs are physically separated from each other and cannot be used via a toggle switch or footswitch. However, that doesn’t make much sense with feet.

Price and availability

The Quilter Aviator Cub Guitar Amplifier has already arrived on Amazon.com and can be purchased for $599. For Made in USA, three legendary Fender voicings and nothing to be desired, we find the price pleasant.

Last month, the Peavey with the collaboration between Misha Mansoor has introduced a stripped-down mini amplifier version of the 120-watt tube amps named invective MH for $699.99.

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