QCY T3 Wireless Earphones Review

After using QCY T3 wireless earphones continuously for 1 month, we have a little personal review to share so that you can choose whether these wireless earbuds are worth buying for your ears.


First, we will talk about the design of the wireless headset. To be honest, after 1 month of using it, we noticed that it has given more attention to beauty than normal usage, but you should also reconsider because it has an average price that may not be very high.

The wireless ear buds are very difficult to drop, as it is an in-ear type form that specifically designed for exercising or running.

It comes with a few basic accessories. The QCY T3 will come with a carrying case that also works as a micro USB charging dock with an additional micro charging cord. Note that the charging dock of this wireless earphones has a built-in battery, so you can charge the headset when it is not near the power source. A minus point for QCY here is that the current Micro USB port is still outdated, while it is a modern “True Wireless Earbuds”.

The QCY T3 ear tray of the charging box has a magnet integrated, but the process of using the box has been somewhat difficult due to the slit design being very slippery and horizontal. But after using it for some time, you will become it’s initial and then we can use it easily again.

With QCY T3, the design is similar to an Airpods, but this is an in-ear form and has a larger body than the Airpod’s ear. Material and perfection on this headset is not really perfect and will be available in Black color only, so it does not attract many people. If more colors were available, chances are it would attract more people to buy.


After a period of use that can typically be reviewed from accessory boxes or smart utility features – the QCY T3 wireless earphones are capable of enabling or disable the music control.

You can touch directly on both earbuds to increase or decrease the volume, don’t press the volume up button like other wireless headphones today, and switch or turn off the song is never that simple as before. You can also call Siri on iOS or Google Assistant using Android devices. QCY T3 is IPX5 waterproof and Bluetooth 5.0 connection has been integrated, so it can provide more stability than the previous version.

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QCY T3 still uses the micro USB charging port, there are no extra ear-tips to change in the box to fit the user’s ear. The other limitation is that when you are listening to music and want to turn off one earphone the other one will also stop and the music will start playing again.

Battery and Noise Cancelling

As in-ear wireless earphones, there is a certain level of passive noise cancelling is already available, not exactly perfect. In addition, QCY T3 announced a continuous use time of 6 hours when using 2 siblings and the charging box lasts up to 20 hours, 1 charge lasts up to 4 hours, 15 minutes of charge will use 2 hours.

Through practical use, it also shows that the QCY T3 battery is stable in the affordable price range, and the Realtek chip of the wireless headset has been very successful in power management.

Sound quality:

Although these Bluetooth earphones is an in-ear model, it is hard to compare with high-priced headphones that specialize in sound quality. But for budget users it is suitable. As for the other, many people will criticize this and that as the sound like punching in the ears, we will not talk about it!

During the test of listening to music, watching videos using QCY T3 is very stable, with no phenomenon, loss of sound on one side, giving a slow audio signal compared to the picture on YouTube. QCY T3’s bass is a bit more shallow, booming. It is at a general level, meets well the majority of popular music genres available today.

Final line

Personally, the QCY T3 wireless earphones come with an improvement in signal stability and the Realtek chip they have used for headsets has somewhat made the headset’s usage time longer. This is a simple headphone that we see you should try if you are not too important with the material, micro USB charging port and the few limitations as mentioned above.

Thank you for reading our QCY T3 review. If any other affordable wireless headphones model can be better, according to you, please comment below the post and share it!

You can buy it from the Amazon.com online store for $35.73 only.

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