PS4 Steering Wheels: Best to Buy

Would you like to buy a new PS4 steering wheel to use the driving simulators on your console? Let’s see together which ones are the best to buy.

PS4 Steering Wheels

The PS4 controllers are optimized to adapt to any type of game, from FPS to sports games. However, in order to be fully enjoyed, there is a type of game that requires the use of a specific object. We are talking about race simulators and its dedicated steering wheels. They serve to exploit the full potential of these simulators.

In this product category, we can find many models, from the cheapest and simplest to the most sophisticated and, obviously, more expensive one. The PC steering wheels are particularly suitable for a professional workstation, but in this guide, we will see how to choose good PS4 steering wheels and which are the best models currently available on the market.

How to Choose PS4 Steering Wheels

Choosing a good racing steering wheel for PS4 console must be done carefully. Of course, quality products are sold at a higher price than the economic models.


A steering wheel, in addition to the classic steering, can have additional accessories. Nowadays, almost all the quality models include a pedal board with pedals that can vary depending on the model purchased. All these features improve the user experience making it more immersive and enjoyable for the gamer.

Force feedback

Almost all the latest models are equipped with force feedback. This feature allows you to apply a force that perfectly simulates the responses of the vehicle to our maneuvers. All this is possible thanks to the vibrating motors that make the gaming experience more engaging.

Rotation angle

These are the degrees required to make a complete rotation of the steering wheels. A good racing steering wheel also reaches 1000 degrees of steering radius. However, this parameter varies according to our needs, our preferences and our style of play.

Materials and Build

The materials of good workmanship and the excellent build quality strongly affect the product that we are going to buy. Of course, the most expensive steering wheels will have a better construction than the low-end products. One feature to watch out for is the quality of the stand to hook the steering wheel to your desk.

Best PS4 Steering Wheels


As the first a budget model is the Hori Apex Steering Wheel which is a very valid model, especially suitable for newbies who appear for the first time in this category. It is officially licensed by Sony and is compatible with PS4, PS3, and PC.

In addition, it is equipped with a 270° rotation angle, a D-Pad, 11 programmable keys and the classic two levers for manual transmission suitable for gear changing. The build quality is really good and gives a good strength. However, it is not equipped with Force Feedback technology.

Thrustmaster T80

The Thrustmaster T80 turns out to be one of the best racing wheels in the budget. This model is distinguished by the excellent build quality, a peculiar feature of the company’s products. It is a replica of the Ferrari 488 GT8 steering wheel and has the original buttons, ie PS, Share, and Options.

It has a rotation angle of 240° and the elastic cord mechanism guarantees a linear resistance, regardless of the angle of rotation. The steering wheel has 11 buttons, a D-Pad and two levers for sequential gear shifting. In addition, there is also a pedal with accelerator and brake and angle of inclination adjustable to our liking.

Thrustmaster T150

Another very good product of the same company is the T150, a mid-size steering wheel that improves some features of the model seen above. It has the excellent build quality and really interesting features. The first that immediately jumps to the eye is the presence of the Force Feedback, a very welcome element in this product category.

The angle of rotation is adjustable from 270° to 1080° and the Thrustmaster steering wheel is equipped with optical reading with 12-bit resolution. In addition, it features 13 buttons, a D-Pad and two sequential gear shift levers for gear shifting. There is also a pedal board included with two pedals, one dedicated to the brake and one to the accelerator, with the possibility of adjusting the inclination to our liking.

Logitech G29

This Logitech steering wheel is one of the best models for our PS4. This model was created by Logitech and features a 900° turning radius, 12 buttons and a large pedal board with 3 pedals dedicated to brake, accelerator, and clutch.

As we could well understand, the peculiarity of this model is the possibility of side by side gear lever, in order to use the manual gearbox instead of the two levers for sequential gearbox.

The quality of the materials and the way it is made is really excellent. Thanks to the excellent support with which it is equipped, it will maintain its balance on the desk even during intensive use sessions. Obviously, the Force Feedback technology is available, which will make us perceive every single vibration.

It can also be purchased in bundles with a Logitech Driving Force manual gear shifter for users who prefer a manual transmission.

Thrustmaster T300

This model is undoubtedly one of the best products currently available on the market of the category. It is equipped with a beam of 1080° (customizable from 20° to 1080°) 12 buttons and a pedal board with 3 pedals dedicated to brake, clutch, and accelerator. It is characterized by the excellent build quality and excellent materials.

The Thrustmaster T300 boasts the best Force Feedback currently on the market, optimized especially for rally games, where you need to feel the ground almost under your feet. Furthermore, it is possible to remove the steering wheel from the rest of the body in order to install one at will.

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