Profoto A1X Fujifilm Camera Flash Light Kit Introduced: Price, Features

Starting today, the Profoto A1X camera Flash Light Kit which includes a Profoto Connect Wireless Transmitter is also available for Fujifilm cameras. Now their owners will be able to create pictures with first-class lighting in any situation.

profoto a1x, camera flash light kit

Ease of use, reliability, and the ability to capture natural-looking light in pictures make the A1X flash a first-class tool for photographers.

Due to its speed, you will never miss an important shot, because the A1X battery capacity provides up to 450 pulses at full power, and recharging takes just one second. All this so that in each of your photos there was an excellent light.

During the shooting, you always want to focus on the embodiment of creative ideas, and not delve into the settings. That is why Profoto made the A1X as clear as possible and equipped it with convenient controls and a large display.

Good news for those who are ready to experiment: the A1X magnetic head allows you to instantly install all kinds of light-forming tools on it, such as CTO conversion filters and a fluorescent filter.

So, now all the features of Profoto A1X are available for the owners of the Fujifilm camera system. And this is high-quality and natural lighting with compact flash sizes. But the main thing is the freedom to create thanks to the fact that the A1X can be used both as an on-camera as well as an external flash.

Profoto A1X Features:

  • Special versions for Fujifilm, Sony, Canon, and Nikon
  • 20-channel Air Remote wireless controllers
  • Round head with soft, smooth and natural fall off
  • AirTTL and HSS support for professional shots
  • Original magnetic mount for A1X light-forming tools
  • Compatible with Clic Series Light Forming Tools
  • Built-in non-flickering pilot light
  • Built-in AirTTL synchronizer.
  • Rechargeable and exchangeable Li-Ion battery
  • 1-sec recycling time to full power
  • TTL/MAN switch
  • Built-in auto-zoom in head with manual override handles lenses from 32 to 105mm
  • Auto focus (AF) assist
  • Large Hi-Res LCD display

Price and Availability

Profoto A1X AirTTL-F Studio Light for Fujifilm camera is now available to buy via for $1,095 and $1,195 for the Camera Flash Light Kit.

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