Power Bank: Best to Buy

Goodbye to battery problems for our tablets and smartphones: let’s bring along a power bank to recharge them immediately on the move.

Best Power Bank

The portable batteries to recharge smartphones and tablets, more properly called power bank are becoming new companions of daily use. Battery life is one of the biggest issues on smartphones and portable power bank is the best solution to partially remedy the short battery life of our smartphones and tablets: they are often also easy to carry in your pocket or bag.

There are different sizes and different charging capacities power banks available in the market. Thanks to our guide, choosing the best power bank will be very simple for you, but first here are some important concepts to know before deciding which power bank to buy.

Quick Charge: What is it?

Before seeing the different Power Bank available on the market, let’s discover the most popular rapid recharge technology on the market: Quick Charge. With it is possible to charge the smartphone in less than half the time using dedicated voltages and amperages, exploitable only if properly managed by the Qualcomm CPU, the charger, and the appropriate USB cable. It comes to itself that to take advantage of the best Quick Charge we will have to focus on USB cables and certified chargers, as well as having a compatible smartphone.

Currently, the Quick Charge technology has reached its third generation, which offers even faster recharge times. For our guide to the power bank, we will show you possible models compatible with Quick Charge 3.0, so as to make the most of the quick charge.

How many times can I charge My Smartphone with a Power Bank?

Many of us make the mistake of believing that the mAh exposed on the capacity of a power bank is equivalent to 100% of the charge that they can provide to a smartphone or tablet. It is not so. Actual capacity varies from 65% (worst case) to 80% (best case): to know the real charge capacity you should know the Wh (watt-hours) and perform the calculation: Wh / 5V.

Since 5V is equivalent to the voltage required by the USB standard. If you do not know the Wh of a Power Bank, simply to know the real capacity of recharge just carry out the calculation: mAh * 0.7.

For example, a 3000mAh power bank guarantees a recharge of at least 2100mAh, a 15,000mAh battery guarantees 10,500mAh and so on.

Power Bank up to 5000mAh

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Power Bank up to 10000mAh

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Power Bank up to 20,000mAh

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Power Bank above 20,000mAh

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Best-selling Power Bank

Here is the always updated list of the most sold power bank at the moment. This is the top 10 that could already help you in choosing your portable battery.

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