Polyend Tracker Standalone Audio Workstation with Sampler, Synth, and FM

The pre-orders of the Polyend Tracker are in full swing, it is a tool that combines retro tracker workflows and modern sound technologies in one portable and affordable instrument. According to Polyend, the best elements of the tricky classic tracker software are combined with modern functionality in ‘Tracker’.

polyend tracker audio control

Polyend Tracker offers the essential properties of classic trackers (vertical timeline, sequencer, mechanical keyboard …) and combines them with a new interface with many tactical audio controls. The central point of the user interface is the large high-resolution screen with a large jog wheel on the right side. The tracker also offers 48 backlit multifunctional pads for the input of patterns including different scales. Furthermore, these controllers offer all visual feedback. To make audio control easier, Tracker offers buttons for navigation control for common work on the instrument.

The basis in Tracker is the step sequencer known from the Commodore C-64 and Amiga 500, which is programmed by manually entering parameters that are made visible on the large display. The Tracker sequencer offers eight tracks, 48 ​​instruments per project, 255 patterns per song plus song arranger and up to 128 steps per pattern.

Polyend is versatile in the field of sound generation: Equipped with a sampler, wavetable, and granular synthesizer, a lot of sounds can be expected here. In the area of ​​sampling, microphone input or an integrated FM radio are available, which is still known from the Teenage Engineering OP-1. The recordings (16 bit / 44.1 kHz) are saved on a common microSD card.

Of course, the sound generator also contains sound shaping features: volume, tuning, panning, filter, reverb send, LFOs, and ADSR envelope generators are available. Finally, a song and sounds can be exported as a complete track in WAV format, or as export of nine stems (eight tracks plus one reverb track). For mastering, Tracker also offers effects such as limiter and bit depth.

Functionally, Tracker is designed in such a way that sounds and samples can be edited in detail in a musical context. For live performances, there are also sequencer step effects (roll, chance, random, reverse, micro tuning, micro timing, cutoff, panning, glide, sample position, sample slice, reverb send and more). That sounds very versatile. For use, the standalone audio workstation can be powered by USB devices, but a power bank can also be used.

Price and Availability

Polyend Tracker can now be pre-ordered from the Bhphotovideo.com website for $599 and the delivery is scheduled for June 2020.

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