PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.72 update has An annoying Bug

Sony released a new update for the PlayStation 4 firmware recently, an operating system that reaches the firmware 4.72 version. Several players, however, have reported the presence of an annoying bug, which seems to go to hit the state of gamers connected online.

Playstation 4 Firmware 4.72

According to Reddit, the glitch does appear offline users online, something that makes it difficult to manage the experience in multiplayer because of the difficulty to take part in online sessions or invite friends to their own. Furthermore, the console is forcing users into the ‘appear offline’ state.

The situation is actually more complicated than it seems. In the forum, you can find some tips to solve this problem. Restarting the PS4, and power cycling the router is among the solutions thrown around, but there’s no guarantee if any of them will work.

Sony has not said anything about it. We are confident that the developers of the Japanese companies are working on the solution of this issue, therefore we look forward to new information about it.

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  1. I experienced this problem when it wouldn’t let me sign into Destiny. Simply log out of the PlayStation app on all devices, then reset your PlayStation 4 and check your online status to online.
    If you are online, you will see a blue dot. If you are not, you will see a small symbol of a smartphone. Make sure you have the blue dot then sign back into your account on whatever device you use the most. Hope that helps.

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