Pigtronix Gamma Drive: Overdrive Pedal with 2-band EQ

The Pigtronix Gamma Drive overdrive pedal comes in a wonderfully rudimentary miniature format. However, it is anything but one-dimensional. It is a germanium-amplified distortion pedal with active treble and bass EQ controls.

Pigtronix Gamma Drive Overdrive Pedal

Using a special mix of germanium, LED, and silicon diodes arranged in such a way that they create asymmetrical clipping, the Gamma Drive achieves an overdrive that is rich in second-order overtones and produces a rich, booming sound.

According to Pigtronix, Gamma Drive offers a wide range of overdrive, ranging from a sparkling clean boost to angry distortion, and is designed for versatile play across a variety of musical genres. That sounds promising.

The small format delights players who basically already have too many kicks on their pedalboard. In addition to the self-explanatory volume and gain controls, we have additional bass and treble controls that intervene at 80Hz and 2KHz.

The Pigtronix overdrive pedal has a mixture of clipping diodes that allow for a touch-sensitive response, where natural saturation breaks up further as the player digs in. With the addition of a 2-band EQ, players can dial in Gamma Drive with precision, resulting in a lively, amp-responsive tone.

Depending on the application, this of course, also enables a nice vintage-like mid-boost. The mixture of clipping diodes of the Gamma Drive is supposed to ensure a particularly touch-sensitive response, in which the natural saturation breaks up further when the player reaches into the strings with more force.

Pigtronix Gamma Drive price and availability

We really like the sounds presented in the demo video. And what about the price? The Pigtronix Gamma Drive is priced at $129 and can be purchased via the Amazon.com website. That’s okay, don’t you agree?

Recently, Walrus Audio has introduced the ERAS, which is stands for high-gain five-state distortion, ideal for a chug, shred, and palm mute with a tight response and multiple distortion textures, and is priced at $199.

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